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The Sovereign

In today’s insanely-complicated world, and especially during the holidays — one of the most difficult times of the year for many of us — we think it’s important to stop for a moment and reflect on why we’re all here.


We are all sovereign beings. It is our birthright to live in peace, prosperity, and without fear of an oppressive group which imposes its own agenda on the people through intimidation and force.

To be sovereign is to first know the self by making a conscious choice to find and let go of all fear, pain, sadness and resentment resulting from a control system that has literally forced us to exist in a world of constant war, scarcity and lack, mind programming through religion, education and media, in order to see beyond those things, to create a blank space. Once the release is complete, the space automatically appears, and a new self can emerge.

The true self can only emerge once we remove our internal clutter. This clutter was intentionally created by those who carry within them so much fear they cannot see the connection of their own hearts to their own souls, and therefore have no desire to right the wrongs they created. To survive in such an environment, the true self tends to suppress feelings of sadness, fear and resentment in order to survive.

The true self is kind, loving, truthful, happy, free. The true self can easily take responsibility for its actions because its actions are in alignment with truth, with What Is. And when we stop and take a breath, remove the programming, the clutter, we allow ourselves the opportunity to more clearly see, and feel, What Is.

Sovereignty is a state of being where the heart, mind, and soul communicate as one. Once we become aware of this simple formula, those who wish to keep us in their program can no longer stand in our way. As we wake up and clear the clutter, we not only assist our brothers and sisters to awaken, we also put ourselves in the position to experience the magic of conscious creation.

It is not an easy path to take. So many of us have been traumatized and are still suffering from the harsh effects.

Others have been the traumatizers, knowingly or unknowingly.

Still others have chosen to ignore the signs of decay all around them, content to continue walking along the path that was created for them many years ago.

The truth is, we live in a world where war is everywhere.  And the biggest war we face is the war for the mind. Knowing you are already sovereign from birth, you have already won the war.

For those of us who have woken up from the programming, it has become impossible to ignore the call for change. Using the knowledge that we are already sovereign beings as a guide for the future, we can create positive change, peacefully, truthfully, and in harmony with the tenet of natural law:

Do no harm, and do not allow others to harm you, or others.

With much love, respect and gratitude to all who are walking this path with us,

The Adventures Into Sovereignty Tribe

(growing in numbers daily!)



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  1. thank you for sharing your wisdom

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