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2016: The Beginning of the End?

Here is one of many people I’ve seen on Youtube reading the Letter to US Marshals and Federal Agents that Judge Anna von Reitz wrote after having sent them a signed copy of her book, An American Affidavit of Probable Cause, showing them the evidence and asking them to see for themselves that they are working for a corporation that is calling itself government. It can’t be said that the system hasn’t been given the opportunity to see what we see.

I’ve seen questions, like “who can just appoint themselves as a judge?”  The answer is, anyone.  Do you think that in the late 1700’s, early 1800’s in this country, that we had the same system we have today — law school for at least four years at a cost of roughly 1/4 of a million dollars or more, a title of nobility tacked onto your name when you graduate, and a BAR card as a prerequisite for holding court in the states?  Where do you think the first judges came from?  Moreover, there is no law that says you must be an attorney (in the way that it’s setup today) to be a part of the court system — there is only corporate policy along with a highly-controlled system of licensing.

Keep in mind that attorneys need a license to “practice” law.  What does “practice” mean?  And is the license the authority, or a simply a confirmation that you paid your fees to the system so that you can offer your services to the public for a fee (remember that “licensing” is an effective way to track your income).

One more fact.  The Constitution doesn’t even allow people with “titles of nobility” to operate as an authority in our government in the first place. Someone has to begin the process of illustrating that change is possible.  There aren’t a lot of people willing to step out of that box in the way that Anna and others like her are doing.  They’re taking a lot of hits for it, but they’re standing their ground regardless.

I see a lot of “movements” out there – militia websites that talk about what’s happening, lots of Youtube channels, blogs, internet radio and TV shows – it’s not like those of us who do see the truth aren’t trying their damndest to share the knowledge.

The one question I would like to ask people in the system who continue to go to work every day after having been shown the evidence – the sheriff’s deputies and SWAT teams who are sent to an elderly person’s home to take it at gunpoint – law enforcement who believe that anyone who uses the word “sovereign” to describe themselves, or asks them for proof of their authority, is a terrorist – police officers who literally gun down unarmed people and even their family pets in broad daylight before going home to their own families – and our military, sent to guard oil fields and poppy fields which has absolutely nothing to do with “defending our freedom” — what on earth are you defending?

If it is the government’s right to do anything — if you read Anna’s book, you’ll find out the government has no rights and what they say they have they stole from the American people many years go.  So are you defending your right to defend the government?

You are one of “the people” too. You also gave up rights you didn’t even know you had, to a corporate conglomerate that you instinctively know is nonsensical at times, and downright oppressive.  You are being paid well to enforce laws that don’t apply to the people, on the people.  And I know you sometimes wonder where it all ends.

I’m here to tell you, it ends with the truth.  Not my opinion, not my perception.  The truth in black and white, whether I like it or not.

We’re trying to tell you what we know, and show you the evidence.  We care about our families and our children and grandchildren as much as you care about yours.  Peace is attainable, but at what price?

The truth just is.  No amount of perception, opinion, stomping of feet or oppression will change it.

Happy 2016, everyone.  I am calling it The Year of the People.  Or maybe The Year of the Truth Revealed.

Either one sounds good to me.  I’m ready.  Are you?



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  1. oh! my research was from: is more research out there if you keep looking. HAVE FUN Gene

  2. good work on your article,researching the article Xlll of constitution(titles of Nobility and honor)this is law of the land,never repealed, and was found again and Virginia was the last state to make it law of the land signed in 1810- Virginia-president.James Madison 5th president 1825 signed the amendment.Gene Gene

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