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Wednesday, August 26, 2015


When fractures occur, as the recent ITNJ break-up between Rebecca Cope and Sacha Stone, everyone is caught by surprise. It is easy to look for a scapegoat.  Lest that idea percolate too deep, let me be quick to point out that it was not Caleb Skinner who precipitated events.  It was his method of running the Tribunal put forth as a done deal that started the snowball rolling. His ideas never received a single vetting from the working committee that put the ITNJ together.

It was shocking, disturbing, and challenging. The American Team spent over a year in discussions, writing articles for NEO and the Sovereign Voice, working on The Source Documents through the Natural Justice Academy, participating on Radio Shows, and generally promoting a particular type of Tribunal.

Suddenly, all our input went out the window. “Delegated Authority” to the Judge, and the ITNJ Bar Association, replaced all our careful work.

Of course we protested.  Of course we pointed it out and demanded that the proper time be spent on settling the disagreements and getting our foundation secure before proceeding.  I expressed my feelings quite bluntly in one meeting, as I should have.

It is a fact that Caleb Skinner is a Trustee with OPPT.  He participated in the UCC Filings.  How that all plays into the model that he promoted is anybody’s guess.  We had every right to put that model under deep scrutiny, use our powers of discernment, and question everything before we made fatal errors with the ITNJ.

We did not have that opportunity.

Sacha Stone chose to attack the American Team and act as if we were responsible for the world problems, and the ITNJ problems. We dared to dream that we could hold the Agents acting as Corporate Enforcers accountable to the Rule of Law.  Did we rock too many boats?

It was Sacha who made the power grab.  His subsequent actions have down-played our work and our co-creative efforts to constitute the ITNJ.  The sheer venom of his attacks against us have been shocking, and revealing.

We can only guess at the true agenda in play that we were not aware of.

So often, we find this to be true.  Our Courts are not at all as portrayed.  Our educational efforts have focused on HOW the current court system operates.  It is difficult for most of us to accept that the Judges and Lawyers and County Administrators would put people in prison just to make money for themselves and their cronies.

How dare they treat us as War Criminals, as “Enemies of the State!”  But they do.  Everything is a business model.  Court Bonds are traded, and WE are the commodities. Every person who goes before a Judge is used to create the funds that go in the Judge’s retirement accounts.  When someone goes to jail, the opportunities to make money explode in exact proportion to the number of people who have been put in jail.  America has more people in prison THAN ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, far more than China, with five times the population.

Of course we want to change that upside-down model.  We do NOT accomplish that job by putting the Judges and BAR back in charge.  How could we possibly support such a model?  We could not, so we made the only choice we could make.

Our work continues.  Judge Anna has put much time and effort into explaining HOW the system operates, and what we can all do about it.  If we can’t do it one way, we find another.

Look for a Series of Webinars coming soon, with Judge Anna and others, as we continue the work that is required of all of us during these challenging times.  Our Team is working together with more focus and more determination than ever.  Come join us!


  1. Greetings from oz. I have had many experiences with our “courts” such that I have come to realise how the bar assoc’n fraud operates plus I have received feedback from various oz victims of J.W. Esq.
    Having recognised the need for independent peoples’ courts, I was firstly optimistic when I came across the Annett attempt to create such a venue and my disappointment was profound at the final outcome.
    News of the formation of ITNJ was encouraging until such yime as I became aware of J.W.’s involvement. Notwithstanding his notariety in oz, I found it incredulous that ITNJ would entertain associating with any bar association scum, since this evil self-appointed fraternity from the “city” has been a cause of the world’s enslavement and denial of the rule of law.
    Who was responsible for inserting this individual into a position of power within ITNJ?
    I have now totally lost faith in mankind’s ability to achieve meaningful change in the area of institutionalised injustice. The only beacon of hope on the horizon is the work of Anna von Reitz, whose writings I wholly agree with, based upon my own experiences.
    I suggest that J.W. take his bogus claim to the ITNJ for equitable resolution..

    • Hi Bill. We credit all the “major decisions” regarding the ITNJ to Sacha Stone and John Walsh. We see now what the plan was all along. NO MENTION OF THE BAR ASSOCIATION for the ITNJ was made for the ENTIRE YEAR we worked with them. It wasn’t until we came up with the court structure, using grand juries and the judge taking the role of “peacekeeper” .. that we met with resistance.

  2. Hi Sue,

    I am very disenchanted to see that something I thought would help solve the court and legal corruption in the world has turned into a grab for power and money by the players involved.

    How familiar.

    Congratulations on your, and your teams integrity, in removing yourselves from the polluted goings on at ITNJ.

    Perhaps you are working behind the scenes setting up a tribunal to achieve what the ITNJ set out to do. If not, maybe you should be.

    As a man who has had to face many instances of defending myself in and against the court system in Australia, I will give you what support I can.

    By the way I was the first Founding Advocate of the ITNJ (meaning I was the first person to donate money to them.)

    Best wishes to you and your ‘Integrity Team’, Sue.


    • Thanks for the kind words. Yes, we are working on many other projects — our weekly newsletter lists a few and yes, some are on an international level … more to come as we get organized 🙂

  3. I want to direct this to All Living Flesh and Blood Beings.
    there are some who will point and Blame others. WE have All been TRICKED by the BAR ASSOCIATION. Including this Flesh and Blood being. I do not Blame others who do GOOD and want TRUE JUSTICE for Humanity. We are dealing with CONTRACT KILLERS of HUMANITY,GENOCIDE.
    We need to All stick together and do our Home work. My Mother Died in My Arms two years ago.when I was a Boy at 13 I always would complain put the Blame on others, and My mother would say what are you going to do about it, go look in the mirror that’s your PROBLEM. and when ever I had problems and COMPLAINED again My Mother was SILENT.
    The Adventures into Sovereignty And All the POSITIVE Living Flesh and Blood beings are the People I want to Hang out with. They are SMART and Have KNOWLEDGE Beautiful and Know HISTORY.
    I look Forward working with The Best People.
    Baz Nam – El
    in the jurisdiction of my ancestral estate/national-domicile north America continent.

  4. Hate to hear that. Have heard from rod lately? No one seems to know where he is.

  5. The news is very disturbing. The concept of common law tribunals had so much to offer and was so much needed.
    The role that a judge plays in a common law court should at all times be restricted to that of an independent umpire who ensures that each party is afforded an equal time
    and right to be heard. No evidence can be ruled inadmissable when one seeks the truth in the attainment of natural justice.
    Any verdict can only be derived from a jury. A judge cannot be seen to influence the jury for he/she would be liable to a claim of prejudice. A judge must at all times remain independent.
    If one would take away the powers of the jury then the court is no longer a common law court. The ITCJ was supposedly founded on the principles of the Magna Carta.
    Whilst at the present I only know one side of the story, I do concur with the concerns that American Team have raised. If you are going to uphold law then you surely must act within or
    otherwise you are only just another ‘false’flag. Constitutions ought to be binding like a contract and to act beyond counts for naught. A breach of contract renders the contract void.
    As a common law advocate I was very pleased to learn about the creation of the ITCJ. It had so much to offer, it would be a shame to see it implode before it got started.

    • Hi Walter, the ITNJ was being run as more of an old-paradigm law system than we were comfortable with. The judge absolutely must NOT be the final authority in any court of the people.

  6. Dear ITNJ,

    I sent an email on the 23/08/15 asking for your position with regard to Rebecca Cope’s public statement.

    I sent another email on the 26/08/15 asking why no reply to my questions in my email of the 23/08/15.

    It is with sadness that I must conclude that your actions in not delivering on your promises to provide a global point for true natural justice and misleading the many people who believed that your motives were service to others. It transpires you are nothing more than another face of the slavery system.

    I will publicly withdraw my support and renounce any agreement you presume we may have.

    This is a formal Notice to remove my details from all of your computer systems and to cancel and close any and all accounts you may have set up in my name I withdraw my consent for you to use any of my data for any reason what so ever.


    Love & Unity

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