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The Mission of the Adventures Into Sovereignty show is to educate people everywhere about, and provide resources for, the onslaught of corruption in any and all areas of their lives (legal, financial, political, environmental and health).

The human family today faces a serious fight for their own rights to be free and to live the way they choose to live – in peace and abundance for all!

When people are informed with truth and transparency, and when they are armed with the resources they need to solve their own problems, they are empowered in profound ways.

Our mission includes joining people all over the world to organize and hold accountable the corrupt courts, corporate governments, banks, and the individuals who run them (and their lackeys), who have long caused tremendous lack, pain, and untold suffering for the human family.

We are dedicated to educating people on our true history through the Source Documents, using administrative remedy to win in court (or at least keep the vultures at bay) and provide the forum for Private Attorney General and Grand Jury member training.

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6 Comments on Mission

  1. I would like to confront the PTB.
    but it seems like every time I think I find the way the system that has found the way to assist ” we the people ” it has come against another brick wall.
    I’m not Internet savvy enough to create Facebook groups or even meetup groups either. To bring people together to break the darkness that rules this planet.
    Church goers are like ostriches with there head in the sand that look outside there selves for the savior that is gonna save us from this dilemma that we allowed.
    I’m awake enough to see what and why this happened but when I reach out for a hand I feel air.
    When is this gonna stop? We need unity consciousness to break through this duality.

  2. Would like to be added to list to become a sheepdog for my area. I would also like to find out more info regarding webinars. I would also like to thank you for all your trying to do.

    • Christina Winsey // August 26, 2016 at 10:47 am // Reply

      Hi Clint. Please forgive the delay in answering. I will take the liberty of adding your email to our mailing list since you said you would like to be on it. The webinars are not yet completed and I know the Natural Justice Academy is working diligently on them with Rod. Thanks very much for your positive comment of appreciation. Please spread the word

  3. We need to continue this fight, not for ourselves but for our children and grandchildren and those of our neighbors and even our enemies alike or we are doomed as a civilized society.

  4. just fyi – Seems that none of your resource menu links are working

  5. Hi Support,
    I have a couple of issues I’m looking to resolve; 1) a case of trustee fiduciary breach, stealing family property
    for himself, who was aided and abetted by title co. which closed on the transaction in spite of my recorded
    security interest against the property, and 2) a separate case of state agency dereliction, recording a
    Counterfeit Security Interest against the en legis entity name assigned to me, based on a dolus document of
    no authority, neither the agency nor its director being bonded for the injury they brought to me,
    unknowingly, unconsciously, and utterly void of indemnification as required to exercise statutes in the public.
    Looking forward to connect and create resolution for the above-mentioned fraud. Thanks.

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