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AIS Presents: Upcoming Educational Webinar Series and More

Along with an all new format on education through webinars (we’ve joined with some really awesome people like Rod Class and Rene Powers and David Roach to mention just a few) we are bringing out the Source Documents in a way that will help anyone understand how special interests, hiding behind corporations, took over our government.  Then we’ll learn what we can do about it.  We expect the first classes to start the beginning of October.  We have a LOT of information and tools to share with you!

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  1. What remedy or information you have RIGHT NOW to help me and others to KEEP the Bank from Foreclosing on our homes. I have letters stating 4 different companies own my note, I have copies of the Altered note, bottom line this case should be dismissed but instead it’s always going in to court. The people need REMEDY and I hope you guys can bring this to the People. It’s time to stop the Talk and walk the Talk… I’m glad to see your putting a team together to provide remedy… it’s long over due. Have you reached out to Judge Dale, Judge Anna Maria Riezinger if you have not reach out to her I’d recommend you do and see if you can promote her book… You know something is WRONG when “An American Affidavit Probable Cause” you can get this on Amazon.. but I’d recommend you reach out to Judge Anna to see if you can promote her book and get a piece of the pie to help fund your show. I was shocked to see the FLAG we honor is a WAR TIME FLAG all this is outlined in her book. I’m also working with Ron Gibson and Bob Schafer both experienced and knowledgeable on Land Patents, I’d like to see them be part of your Show and providing REMEDY’s to the people. I can be reached at 941-429-1178

    • Hello Steven, our webinar series will begin in October. If you’re signed up for our newsletter you’ll be among the first to get the information. Rod Class will teach us administrative remedy. We are reaching out to all who will assist us in getting as much information out to you as we can. The Source Documents (Volume 1) is being put into an e-book format so that people can read about how we got here and why. Thank you for the information on land patents, we can certainly use that on an upcoming show. Please contact us at so that we can get more people involved in the conversation about land patents and set up a call. Thank you for your informative and helpful comments, they are much valued and appreciated.

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