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Audio Replay: Blowing the Lid Off – Whistleblower Linda Almonte – Call 9/12/16


YOU CAN LISTEN BY PHONE AT 1-540-402-0043 and PIN 1244

Linda Almonte Whistleblower Call Recording – Blowing the Lid Off the SEC and CFPB and the Banks!

Linda Almonte, the Biggest Whistleblower in the Mortgage and Credit Card
Fraud is Blowing the Lid Off the SEC, CFPB and Much More!

Interviewed and co-hosted by investigative journalist Rene Powers and

Dr. Christina Winsey



You are going to hear what the SEC and CFPB hid and it is all public now as Linda is pissed that they buried it in all the hearings and more.

BUT she has the proof and it is all in the depos and more that she was in.

Gloves are off and the truth is going to set us free, and the work Anna has done, combined with proving the departments are ALL acting through fraud upon the court is going to be the golden ticket that brings all this together! HUGE FOLKS!

Hosted by the Adventures Into Sovereignty team and Featuring Our Investigative Journalist Rene Powers

Topics will include:

• Linda’s evidence

• Group lawsuits

• FDCPA joinder or something as such

• Citizens arrests

• Whistle blower cases

• Identity theft of our estates

• Suits against DOJ, FDIC, DO Real estate et al. For failing us all!!!

• Shutting down board of supervisors based on violating county charters allowing their third party contractors,sheriff’s- police-judges, to damage homeowners  (Orange county houses the criminal database for recording of counterfeit docs across the country, check to see if your county is using the S.E.C.U.R.E software owned by Orange County-Riverside- los Angeles- San Diego counties)

Help Support Linda who has sacrificed so much to get the word out and is still risking her and her family’s well being to help homeowners across the County:

Read more of Linda’s Story in the Rolling Stone here

Stay tuned for the Emergence of Compassion Path Radio co-hosted by Rene Powers and Dr. Christina Winsey.  “Like” our Facebook Page:


3 Comments on Audio Replay: Blowing the Lid Off – Whistleblower Linda Almonte – Call 9/12/16

  1. We post a TV show on You Tube almost every Monday in Atlanta, Ga. on the community spotlight live on WAEN-TV and FM. We are the economics committee of National Action Network, the Atlanta Chapter at 678-732-0405
    at 732 Peeples St. in Atlanta, Ga. 30310. Atlanta or should say Ga. leads the nation in wrongful foreclosures. We don’t use the word foreclosure, we use stealing. We are saying some of the same things but we don’t have your depth of info.

  2. Blessings and gratitude for caring and taking action to help others help themselves.

  3. Waking up is an endless journey, and these people are well on their way! 🙂 Clearly a gang of psychopaths think they own us and have inherited control systems to instill complacency by a controlled media and a fairy-tale narrative to cover their crimes. Only the lid is open and the worms have all crawled out. 😉

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