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Articles by Rebecca Cope

Enemies of the State

November 8, 2015 // 4 Comments

July 11, 1917 newspaper article “Spy Menace to be Combated Trading With Enemy Bill Soon to Pass–Main Contention Over Empowering President to Proclaim Aliens as [...]

Another Bombshell from Judge Anna

November 3, 2015 // 8 Comments

Dead Man Pays Multiple Mortgages 34 Years After His Death Notice to Sheriffs, Troopers, FBI, Militia Posted on November 2, 2015 by David Robinson by Anna von Reitz Today, I [...]

Putting Police in Their Places

October 26, 2015 // 0 Comments

by Anna von Reitz Here is a real gem to share with all the out of control corporate mercenaries pretending to be peace officers—– they have no public office, therefore, [...]

Charles Lindbergh: The Money Trust

October 24, 2015 // 0 Comments

This is a great read by Charles Lindbergh.  The story is that copies were allegedly removed from circulation and destroyed by the government (and/or their agents) as soon as [...]
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