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Breaking News: Rod Class


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Rod Class DC Gun Case Exposes the War Powers Act of 1917

Rod Class recent interview Sacha Stone, Andrew Bartzis and Rebecca Cope. He was arrested 2 days after this was recorded.

Rod Class DC Case full interview

Learn How to Hold Corrupt Courts Accountable

25 Comments on Breaking News: Rod Class

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  3. Helping on using this is going to be Cliff Eberhardt and Robin Hopper.

  4. Having read this I thought it was very informative.

    I appreciate you finding the time and effort to
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  5. The same people who are prosecuting and persecuting him are obligated to protect him under the Hague Conventions. There are no “War Powers” that apply to peaceful American State Citizens and there never have been. They’ve been running a smoke and mirrors identity theft fiduciary fraud scheme. He needs to stand on the land jurisdiction of the united States of America and tell them that he flies the civil flag of The United States of America and that as a peaceful inhabitant of the land he is owed every tittle and jot of the Lieber Code, the Geneva Conventions, and the Hague Conventions, especially Hague IV:55 from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and he appeals for their direct intervention.

    Congress runs DC as a plenary oligarchy, but the Joint Chiefs run Congress, and we, dear hearts, have the drop on the Joint Chiefs.

  6. I got this information from [Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs]
    and have shared this with as many as I could – many of us are waiting for more events to
    take place – There is many who are waking up at this time because of the increase in the
    frequencies on this density at this time. Please keep us informed in as many places as possible.

    THANK YOU Bob Bishop

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  9. I really thank you for your teachings.

    i want to learn much more.


    Thank you!

  10. Greetings to all ; May God Bless and protect Rod for his “major contribution to restoring the Republic” Amen

  11. Thank you for the input under the 3 video’s.

    My understanding is:

    1. Roman Statute Law is a deliberate Paper Money Generator imposed on the largely ignorant masses. The cabal buys gold with paper. America is run on executive orders and the congress and the senate are largely patsies to the banking cabal who pull the strings. Now we have the Fascist Fourth Reich appearing in USA. with Fascist based Corporations calling the tune. (Did the Nazi Third Reich lose World War II ~ yes on the surface they did to Russia, but underground they have thrived as that has been their hidden agenda all along.
    2. Natural Law has been bastardised by Roman Statute Law.
    3. Roman Law is attempting to do the same to Cosmic Law.
    4. Common Law as identified under is alive and well but yet again the largely ignornant masses are their own worst enemy.
    5. In South Africa (also a colony like America and Turtle Island -Canada) the Roman Dutch English Laws are a minefield.
    6. Norton Rose has moved in Lock Stock & Barrel to extract financial gain and has become the largest bunch of Lawysters in town.
    7. I view both Banksters and their accompanying Lawysters in very negative light.
    8. The whole economy runs under the hidden “North Star Project” (Anglo~America) were the National Party supported by the Cabal where told to morph into the ANC (African National Corruption) ~ which they did ~ And now we have a rape artist in the form of Doom & Gloom Zuma as our corrupt President ~ one who is always looking for new wives and feathering his own nest!!! With the result we are virtually a failed state.
    9. This is a MultiMillenial Reptillian Agenda in play ~ except the positive time lines are now kicking in and the cabal is running out of options especially when they play checkers against a good chess player like Putin. The Zionists are determined to start World War IV (for the ignorant we have been in World War III since the end of World War II). The Israelis even admit to putting troops into Ukraine to reclaim what they consider to be their homeland. Now that Kiev has adopted Hebrew as the second language we see Gog and Magog in full transparent operation.

    Best regards

    James Hyslop
    South Africa

  12. Everybody needs to know about this, not just americans. Ignorance kills!

  13. Hi,

    I was just listening to de interview about Ross Class and I get that there is something heavy going on in your country about the abuse from the side of government and companies, an abuse that is being exposed by Ross Class and others. I’m from Holland, and get these video’s via Facebook. The problem I have with these video’s, is that they are so specific directed to the situation in America, that I don’t get it: why do I get these video’s? I can’t do anything with it. They are not directed to me als a Dutchman, even not as an European. Why are you not aware of the fact, that these video’s go worldwide and create disintress by millions of people who cannot follow what this is all about, just because they don’t speak native English? You create chaos and confusion and indifference by doing this. Is this your goal? Please be more aware of this when you throw another video into the open air. Make more effort to explain your case to the people who are not living in your country and are not mastering english in the way you do.
    That would help get more global understanding…

    Good luck!
    Roger Vossen

  14. I have to agree with the actor courtroom gig this is a beautiful idea to get all of us zombies to see the other thing is there must be a way to tell the perpetrators in the so called jus-tice system of how bad they are hurting themselves by lying stealing and bearing false witness all for what an illusion of power grandeaur and wealth

  15. I would really like to talk to Rod Class. I am from Nova Scotia, i just spent the last 2.5 years in the courts trying to get justice. They have completely bankrupted me. I took the case to the International Commercial Courts and got a 900,000.00 default judgement against the bank. The problem I have now is that the lawyers will not record this. They changed the law and said that no one can record anything without using a lawyer.
    My phone # is 1-902-735-2156.

    Mike MD

  16. Where is this document I can sign.
    We as a nation are honored to have
    citizens like you in our lives.
    Thanks for showing us the way.

  17. I am so impressed with your knowledge and the action that you are taking on behalf of the peoples of the world!
    Thank you so very very much!


  18. I would love to learn what Rod Class Knows. I have always know things where not right. I would love to become a Private Attorney General. What do I need to do?

  19. Concerned about what is happening to Rod; if he is still alive. There is a great deal to remember. i realize we all need to study, memorize and be prepared. What is current with Rod?

  20. Are you people aware of the National Liberty They’re primary goal is to re-establish the common law grand jury. Check out their website. It is extremely comprehensive.

  21. I am happy to being informed about Rod Class arrest…Please forward me the document to support Rod…thanks…Timothy Clanton

  22. Hello,
    All this craziness is connected to Agenda 21, the UN “sustainable development” scheme for putting us under UN laws, such as population control, gun control, etc. It seems we have been sold out. I don’t think I have ever heard you mention it, but I believe it is the bigger picture here.

  23. I have been an avid researcher for years mainly because of the work that Rod has put in and I would like to offer this resource as an assist to what he has done and to all of New Earth Nation to gain this country back from the tyrannical control that it sits under now please go to and their home page i believe it would benefit us all in a great way if you take a look at what the NSEA has done since 2011 and if efforts were combined (joined) for the benefit and greatest good of every one involved.

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