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Did the Bankruptcy of the United States Ever Become Law?

Many of us already know about the famous “Louis McFadden” speech in Congress.  Excerpts and pages documenting it have been posted on the internet for a long time.  From the entire record posted below, it would appear that the bankruptcy of the United States never became law.  And the American people weren’t told.  If they were, they didn’t hear; after all, they were still reeling from the Great Depression.  You know those distractions they like to create that kill a lot of people …

What would happen if this document was entered into evidence and used in the courtroom?  Can any judge rebut Congressional Records?  And how do you think they would do it without lying on the record?

This is what our upcoming webinars with Rod Class will teach you.  It seems every day another piece of the puzzle comes in.

A signup form will be posted soon!  We’re so happy to be able to bring you a way to hold the court system accountable for its actions!

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  1. I always assumed that 48 Stat 1 is the law that declared bankruptc. It doesn’t mention bankruptcy but it is the law that took our gold.

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