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Enemies of the State

July 11, 1917 newspaper article

“Spy Menace to be Combated

Trading With Enemy Bill Soon to Pass–Main Contention Over Empowering President to Proclaim Aliens as Enemies”

Are the American people considered aliens?  Yes .. we are.  Living breathing inhabitants of separate states within the continental united states can’t be aliens, unless a foreign-owned corporation hiding behind the term “government” which convinced the people they need it to maintain order and to provide needed services took over, and then made the people pay for it through taxation — registration — and legal ownership of your property, your value, your labor (Gross Domestic Product), made you responsible for payment of all of its debts and what’s more, if you don’t like it, they’ll enforce their policies with the threat of violence.

Sounds a little like wartime, doesn’t it?

4 Comments on Enemies of the State

  1. how many trading with the enemy acts do they want?is not trading with the enemy act of 1917 enough? Gene LaCross

  2. the ones that are in the know,come and get me,you will not like what I give you BACK!!!! COME AND GET IT lcp gene lacrossUSMC

  3. why can’t congress stop him?? cowards i’d say! or he must be threating their wifes and family. the people are angry enough, so were is the military to help us??? just saying. Bev

    • What would have happened had everyone who knew about this legislation and its serious consequences for the American people taken it upon themselves to make sure the truth got out?

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