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Fighting in Their Courts With Knowledge!

Knowledge is Power

Here at Adventures into Sovereignty what we are all Truth Is No Defense in Courtabout is restoring the Rule of Law and true freedom.

I, like so very many people, understand the fear of the current corrupt system, yet feeling as though you have to fight “on their turf with their rules.”

It is extremely valuable to understand how their system works, and if you plan to fight in the courts for your home or other situation, whether you have retained an attorney or not, understanding how their system works is priceless!  A word to the wise – you MUST monitor what your attorney is doing and agreeing to and submitting on your behalf.  If you don’t, you may find, as did I, that the attorney you are dealing with has either cut a deal with the bank behind your back, or just isn’t doing the research to find the fraud (that EXISTS IN EVERY CASE!!!! – NO EXCEPTIONS) .

Here is my affiliate link to Jurisdictionary – the course that helped me through the roughest times fighting in their system on my own.  I highly recommend it, not because I’m an affiliate, but because I know how powerful knowledge is.

Also, knowing their system will be a foundation for you to understand just what sovereignty means, what contracts and contract law is and how it is controlling your sovereignty and your rights in the worst way possible.

Maybe then you will understand even more fully, why each and every one of us on the AIS team / volunteers for the International Tribunal for Natural Justice, ( are working so diligently to restore freedom world-wide.

May you be blessed,

Dr. Christina

2 Comments on Fighting in Their Courts With Knowledge!

  1. Would having been convicted of non violent felonies and or misdemeanors prevent one from filing any template documents (birth certificate, etc.) as described in that section? I understand fraud eviscerates contracts…

  2. Another thought I want to share with you and everyone else.
    I feel there are too many competing ideas all wanting attention now at the same time.
    Examples: We have a group anxiously waiting for the RV/GCR and the follow on Event as was foretold to us by Senanda-Jesus through several etheric channels and part of that Event is the invocation of NESARA (I’ve long since forgotten the acronym names but understand it was an outgrowth of the Farmers Foreclosure Claims) that happened more than 3 decades ago. Why is that important? Because in it they stipulate the current POTUS must step down, as well as all of the government alphabet soup agencies including and most especially Congress (House and Senate) and arrests forthcoming for Treason and other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.
    None of that has happened!!!! We sit and count our money waiting for an RV that has been the scene of so many delays one might think they are trying to wear us down and have no intention of letting it go through.
    I’m one of those people and I’m just plain fedup with these USA pricks in office.
    Now I heard talk at one of our AIS meetings about becoming Sovereign Citizens. Can someone elaborate on that?
    Even if we get all the money that has been promised us we still have to put it somewhere and that’s why Banks were created but all banks in the USA are corrupted by the Federal Reserve system and their fractional reserves plans; you know the one where they deposit all of your money you give them and then proceed to lop 90% off for loans to other people and the only part of your deposit remaining is 10% and even that they will make you wait for it if you want to withdraw all of it. Nope that system has no appeal to me.
    What we gotta do is decide what needs fixing first; make a list of things to do; organize that list by priorities; form action committees (that means Doers, not just planners, people who will take charge and get things done) we already have too many planners.
    We’re in the same pile of shit and I can’t find the right door to get out!!! That’s my rant for the day. Feel free to delete if you think it is too much, but if you can see the truth in what I say, publish it. I’m done now. Have a nice day.

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