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From the Desk of Your Co-Host Rebecca

The project that I began almost 5 months ago under the New Earth Nation banner has taken quite a turn this week.

I have been consistent in my message since Day 1:

  1. Help people understand the current Law System.  You can’t change what you don’t understand.
  2. Establish methods to walk out of the Jurisdiction of the CORPORATIONS POSING AS GOVERNMENTS.  Those methods include the Declaration of Individual Sovereignty, Signing the Peace Treaty, Establishing a Micro-Nation, Learning how to use effective paperwork to SAY NO to the Imposter Courts, Utilize the OPPT paperwork, etc.
  3. Set  up a support network to help people through the transition.
  4. Set up the ITNJ to hold the Agents/Corporations accountable to the rule of law.
  5. The investigative efforts revolved around the work of Rod Class as key witness.

As a result of my efforts,  we have a loyal following happy with our mission, our passion, and our purpose.  Some rather interesting things have begun to happen, mostly through our outreach with Co-Host Andrew Bartzis and Adventures Into Sovereignty.

We thank all of you for your awesome support of our shows!   So many things happen as a result of the information shared on the shows.

This week, I was handed a Court Case from 2011/2012, and a document entitled the SURETY OF THE PEACE. This case contains the Remedy to cancel the War Powers Act, and establish Peace and Plenty for all.  It continues to amaze me what one individual who truly understands who they are, and STANDS in that place of power, can do for themselves and for all their brothers and sisters.

It is the cumulative efforts of all of us that will create an unstoppable tipping point.

If you missed Adventures Into Sovereignty Guest, Debra Jones, a former policewoman and an ex-lawyer, go back and review her show.  She tells people to STAY  AWAY FROM THE COURTS.  She teaches powerful classes to help you stay away without getting into problems.  She has an upcoming class.  She returns to Adventures into Sovereignty next week, so be sure to tune in for the full class details.

The following week, we will have Tex Mason on the show.  Tex has as much knowledge in COMMERCIAL DISCHARGE OF DEBT as Rod does in the Rules of the Court.  He is ready to offer Remedy and wants to get the word out.  He has the keen ability to put the message at a level even the beginner can easily grasp.  He has lots of templates, and lots of hands-on experience to share with you.

Rod Class called yesterday.  He had a caller volunteer to help us raise the funds needed to seat the International Tribunal for Natural Justice as soon as possible so that cases can be heard.  Sacha Stone and Greg Paul are currently working with Sir John Walsh to get the Foundational Documents into place so that we can make the International Tribunal a reality.  Where to seat it, under the Jurisdiction of the New Earth Peace Treaty, is a main concern.

If there are those who would be interested in  serving on the Committee to help seat this Tribunal, please get in touch with me.  Remember, our efforts are volunteer at this point.  We welcome your input.

We have a lead investigator with financial corruption experience who would like to take on the Rod Class DC Case as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, it has become more and more obvious that the Rod Class Documentary is one of the most important projects we need to complete.  The evidence we have already obtained, if properly presented to the people, including the $1.8 Million dollar price tag put on the baby’s head for each live birth, could be the tipping point.  The DC Court Case has provided shocking confirmation in ways that we could never have anticipated.

Look for updates soon as we begin a concerted effort to put OPERATION SPITWAD into motion.

Are you tired of the corruption?  Do you want to be part of the solution?  Then join in this somewhat off-beat way to send a message to the Judge and the Court System in the DC Case.

Don’t forget our shows every Friday evening – with Co-Host Andrew Bartzis.  More information is forthcoming very soon.


11 Comments on From the Desk of Your Co-Host Rebecca

  1. hi rebecca,
    blessings, I am working with a native american tribe to get back the 41,ooo acres stolen from them. It is exciting to say the least, did the production we filmed with rod go any where?

  2. Can you please reply with any contact information about David Roach and his work. This is from your recent post “In Search of Skeletons
    Five Faves Friday”. I have a friend who recently had a “Lien Sale” with the Sheriff’s cooperation and lost his house. Thanks very much for all that you do!
    Michael –

  3. By: i: a womb/man, brenda, beneficiary. // November 9, 2014 at 12:48 am // Reply

    you may want to contact boris from the on facebook as peaceful inhabitants) on how to use reversionary interest assignment to help set Rod free.

  4. Hi Rebecca,
    Thank you for your recent interview with Ms. Pérez. This might be exactly the thing I need, I had an attorney charge me over $50,000 in 2 days plus thousands of dollars more in less than a moth resulting in years of struggle and fighting to recover my funds that he made me loose due to his fraudulent and malicious acts. I have had six surgeries and was having surgery’s during the time I was seeing him. This is also one of the results of me foreclosure.
    I heard you say that you are in Florida. So am I.!!
    Please contact me as soon as you can.I have also done many of the things Rod has talked about such as tort/bonds.etc.
    Also I was not fully understanding Ms. Pere’s email. ?? Is this correct?
    Cant wait to here from you 🙂

  5. Support your actions! Review case 14 cv 163 KBJ (R. Lotus Justice or MONICA GREER JUSTICE), DC District, file joiner before Monday. In DC now. This case also exposes the corruption and has proper standing.

  6. Tara Lia Sha Lane // October 12, 2014 at 6:43 pm // Reply

    * Namaste’ Dear One * <3 *

    Infinite Gratitude for All You Are & Do * <3 *
    I am wondering if there is a support group in Az. & I have been abused & kidnapped & totally unlawfully been arrested by the Police in Scottsdale Arizona for speaking of the Truths & am to appear on the 16th of Oct. *** is there any Support Groups, connections or Paperwork advised *** Many Blessings *** Trying to Prepare to give them the 411 😉 <3 😉

  7. i have a request for the information on getting into the class of Debra Jones

  8. Splendid work, all … truly splendid, indeed!

    Love, best wishes, and blessings to you!!!

    🙂 … <3

  9. Rebecca: I would solicit your comments on the information residing on the above listed website, I think the said information will be of some value to you.

    Please advise.

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