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Hidden Contracts: Break the Ties of Obamacare and its Enforcer, the IRS

Break The Ties

If you’re like me and have no desire to have the government involved in yet one more aspect of your life, especially something as personal as your own health care choices, this law is for you.  ObamaCare (aka the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) contains so many hidden contracts it’s almost comical.  It’s tied to your income tax, so the IRS can maintain, enforce, and control your healthcare choices via your financial ability to pay, AND monitor your income at the same time, AND take your stuff if you can’t pay the fees!  How convenient …

This law states you do NOT have to opt in to Obamacare, in black and white:

42USC 18115-OPT OUT of Obamacare by Sue Rhoades

If they come after you saying you MUST sign up for Obamacare, you can ask them to show you the law that says so, or show them this.


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