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Holographic protesters in Spain

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In 2012, Spain’s government passed a “Citizen’s Safety Law” that defies logic and common sense.

In this law, the people of Spain can be held accountable via fines and imprisonment for “offenses against Spain.”  What?  To keep the people safe, if they protest a law, they’re committing an offense against whom?  The Spanish Corporation, that’s who.

What does the law state that makes it so offensive?

You can’t photograph police.  In fact, you can’t even talk disrespectfully to them — which is determined by them — without being fined.

Police can enter your home, unannounced and without a proper warrant.

It outlaws any public acts, such as shouting or carrying placards “that are harmful or abusive of Spain or any region” during a protest or demonstration.

Nazi Germany, anyone?

In response, the people have created a way to protest – in holographic form – to voice their ongoing and continuing dislike for this law, scheduled to go into effect July 1 of this year.  The protests have been ongoing since 2012 when the law was first introduced; and the determination of the people to say “No” to this Orwellian mandate hasn’t subsided; it’s just gotten more creative.

We applaud and thank the people of Spain for not giving up on getting the truth out there!  I joined the protest yesterday.  Go here to contribute your hologram to the cause.  Twitter information here.

One more thing you can do:  Visit The International Tribunal for Natural Justice to see what else the people can create to rid themselves once and for all of corrupt corporations posing as [equally corrupt] governments.

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