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Join your hosts, Rebecca Cope, Dr. Christina Winsey, Sue Rhoades and special guests and experts for insightful interviews and discussions. We delve in-depth into vital topics that affect every area of your life and freedom to choose to live as you want to live! We uncover the truths being covered up and we bring you the people and information to help you, whether you’re fighting a foreclosure on your home, fighting for health care freedom of choice, or any other issue of freedom, particularly under natural law.

Each and every human being needs to know the truth and history of the laws, corporations, entities and agencies that have enslaved and controlled your life, your money, your health, your options…..and your mind!

 Rebecca Christina Steve Sue

Rebecca Cope

11898638_1039645886055186_4578902086730252908_nRebecca at the Lake Norman Documentary June 21, 2014 - in front of cameras

Rebecca Cope served as Co-Founder of the ITNJ Initiative, but left after 15 months when it was determined that the direction the American Team had set for the ITNJ had been sabotaged by the BAR and other special interests. Rebecca continues the work the team had begun to prove that the current justice system no longer recognizes the Rule of Law.

A prominent businesswoman first recognized in Who’s Who Among Young Women of America in 1986, Rebecca’s interest in the Justice System began with a public debate from Pastor Bo Turner. In his rebuttal: “The Gospel according to Ronnie” (Reagan), he laid down the gauntlet: walk in the shoes of the homeless, visit those in prison, feed those who are hungry.

In 1984, Rebecca picked three names off a yellow legal pad. For eight years, her pen-pal, Warren McCleskey, gave her a front-row seat to observe the Rehnquist Court tear down the protections Americans had always taken for granted. Simultaneously, she subscribed to the Ruff Times and conservative think tanks who praised the policies of the Rehnquist Court.

She read the case files, all sides, as her friend Mac took his case to the Supreme Court, twice. McCleskey v Kemp is to death-penalty legislation as Roe v Wade is to abortion. McCleskey lost his appeals, and became the first man to die as the 20-year moratorium on the Death Penalty was lifted.

McCleskey was an innocent man who died because five judges valued their career more than they valued justice. Everything she had been taught about the Justice system was a lie.

Rebecca observed first-hand how all the policies pushed as “good for the people” actually took away freedoms and protections. She began to question everything she had ever been taught about government and public policy.

Rebecca is a comparative mythologist, by degree, and by passion. She turned her interests toward justice-making. She became a court-watcher, active in the Grand Jury Movement, and ardent student of Frank O’Collins, the only man recognized by the courts for compiling a new system of law based upon the Golden Rule. Her research-efforts with Rod Class are well-known. She challenges everyone with Gandhi’s quote: “Whatever you do may seem insignificant to you, but it is most important that you do it.” Together, we can restore our faith in justice-making, and return governance back to self-responsible people.

Rebecca is the popular Co-Host of Adventures into Sovereignty, a weekly radio-show. Archives are available at Rebecca can be contacted at

Dr. Christina Winsey


Rev. Dr. Christina Winsey earned her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1990 from New York Chiropractic College, a B.S. from Pace University and a Massage Therapy license in 1983 from the Swedish Institute. Having been a seeker of truth and spirituality from a very early age, she became a non-denominational, (spiritual, not religious) minister in 2010, ordained by the Universal Brotherhood organization.  She studied clinical nutrition, applied kinesiology, energy healing modalities, hypnosis, Silva Mind Control, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, Law of Attraction and more.  In 2003 she launched into professional coaching in 2003, after 17 years in the healing arts, she began her life and health coaching career for individuals and corporate teams in the areas of stress management, wellness, habit control, confidence, as well as brain technologies for productivity.

Having been in long-term recovery from eating disorders herself, Rev. Dr. Chris was driven to share with and help others afflicted with food, weight and body image challenges.  Investing in post-graduate studies, Rev. Dr. Chris became a certified addictionologist through the American College of Addictionology & Compulsive Disorders; and taught their module “Mind-body methods for eating disorders and addiction recovery.”

Rev. Dr. Chris is a keynote speaker and is co-author with Ken Blanchard, Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen and Byron Katie (and other experts) in their book on “101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life.”  She developed and founded her unique POWER UP System coaching program to help clients find peace, sanity and happiness through a variety of cutting-edge brain enhancement techniques, including specialized nutrition specifically for the brain.  Her clients also lose weight, increase confidence, conquer addictive and negative habits, manage stress and improve overall well-being. She continues to coach individuals and corporate teams to become massively more confident, productive, focused and happy

Understanding the harm being done to people by what she calls the money and power-driven “Death Ring” (the FDA, A.M.A., “Big Pharma” & huge biotech / Agra corporations like Monsanto), Rev. Dr. Chris continues to write and speak about alternative and natural healing solutions to the myriad health problems people suffer from today — the majority of which have been created and/or orchestrated to be seen as the “norm” by this very Death Ring.

Having already delved into information about the corruption facing people all over the world, (and especially as regarding the deliberate quashing of chiropractic, alternative medicine and holistic healing methods to cure disease), the crash of the real estate market and the economy in 2008 brought Rev. Dr. Chris into the position of fighting a foreclosure.  This intense case threw her into a year of sleepless nights as she worked tirelessly to uncover the facts of her own case, and to study of the law to help herself.  She met Rebecca Cope through an online forum that was the biggest blessing of knowledge and support she never imagined she would find.  All manner of people and groups became available to help her understand, in depth, what she was actually up against in her case.

A painstaking journey, she became deeply involved in the mission to increase public awareness of what is being done to them; and, most importantly, to assist others to embody the energy of peace, love, compassion and gratitude, because those energies are the light which shines through the World to make the darkness flea.  We will change this Earth and Humanity with frequency and vibrations of love, kindness and compassion, not through anger and revenge.

Rev. Dr. Chris says her greatest joy and most important success is being mother of three amazing young men.  She lives in Florida and they have a dog and two cats.

Sue Rhoades


Sue Rhoades is a former legal assistant of 15 years.  She left the field when she realized she was contributing to a system that favored banks, insurance companies and other large corporations over the people.  The cost of justice had gotten so high that the average person could not afford it.  Day after day, she saw judges run roughshod over people who filed simple insurance claims, only to have well-funded investigations find one thing wrong with their personality, or their life, to warrant a denial of their claim, whether it be the loss of a family member on the operating table, an injury due to a faulty part on a car, or a fire destroying their home.  There was no way for the people to obtain justice in a system run by special interests.  Caselaw was favored over true law, and attorneys were being taught that “winning” was everything, and being court officers, there was no way they couldn’t “win.”

After running a no kill animal sanctuary of her own for five years, she returned to her love of law and research, and joined with several OPPT groups to learn about the world of banking and UCC law.  She joined with Adventures Into Sovereignty in 2014 and continues her research and education in true history and the rule of law.

Steve Herr


Steve is the Director of the Natural Justice Academy, an Adventures Into Sovereignty Partner in education and law research.  Steve has been active in many political groups in his home state of North Carolina for years and has worked closely with Rod Class on administrative remedy process and law history, and is very much involved in the growing grand jury movement.  Steve’s research skills and knowledge of current events on the political scene give him a unique forum to educate the current system on the true rule of law in a non-combative way.  He is making steady progress.  The Natural Justice Academy will be in full operation soon and will house the Source Documents and a comprehensive law library that will create a one-stop website for teachers, researchers and students of the true rule of law and history that has been, until now, hidden from us.  You can contact Steve at the Academy here.

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