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How and Why Your Mortgage is Nothing More than Legal Fiction: Part 3



Friday, April 3, 2015

How the Corporate Government, Corrupt Courts & Banksters Profit Like Leeches off of Your Very Life Blood!

Adventures into Sovereignty continues the discussion on Mortgage Fraud in Part IIIThe United States Corporate Government turned you, a live person, into property and chattel with your birth certificate and they made millions off of you!  They own your home and any and all property you think is yours and they own YOU – your very body – and your children.Join us on our new time: 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific

Rebecca is on the road this week, and Dr. Christina had another commitment, so Rebecca and co-host Sue Rhoades pre-recorded the show so you wouldn’t miss out on more of Ken Dost’s amazing research into mortgage fraud, patents and trademarks.

In The News

DC Gives Up on Gun Bans in Public

We found this information very interesting, given the recent Rod Class case in DC, where he was charged with illegal possession of a “firearm.” You all know the outcome of the case, which is still going on in appeals and complaints of fraudulent behavior by public officials through SF-95’s filed by a number of people who saw the fraud and wanted to do something about it.

Federal Judge States in Court He Gets his Orders from England

and more …

During the trial of James and Sharon Patterson, (Case 6:97-CR-51) William Wayne Justice, Judge of the United States District Court, Texas-Eastern Division when presented with law stated:”I take my orders from England. This is not a law this court goes by.”Wait. A United States District Judge saying he gets his orders from England?This document from Ucadia shows us cases and case studies we can refer to when anyone says the Queen of England doesn’t have an interest in the United States (and most of the rest of the world, for that matter). This is good to share with your email lists and on your website or blog if you have one, it is fact and the proof is out there for all to see.

The Mortgage Contract – Derivatives, Securitization and Tradmarks – How Your Signature is Stolen by the Banksters

Friday’s show featured more fascinating information from Ken Dost, long-time mortgage researcher, who walked us through the mortgage contract and how it gets lost in a chaotic mess of mortgage servicer changes, SEC filings, and transfers from one large bank to another as they take turns investing your signature into their funny money markets and create millions upon millions of dollars with it, all the time collecting money from you to pay back money they never loaned you in the first place. It was all created by your signature!

If you’ve been following along with Ken in Parts I and II, you will see how the mortgage scam actually works from the bank’s side: Money created from nothing and put on your credit report as a loan, if you don’t pay the loan back, they will take your home – and meanwhile, your signature on a contract that doesn’t even state the terms of the loan from both sides (nontransparent and therefore fraudulent) is passed between the largest banks as they trade it on the stock market, use it as collateral to create more funny money for themselves, and continue the change of servicer and bank, over and over again,to keep the confusion level high, so you will never be able to find out the truth.Everything is patented and trademarked by the banks, who take total possession of your stuff and make billions of dollars while you go to work every day to pay them back with interest, of all things – on money you never owed them in the first place!

Ken found the truth through seven years of research and also having defended his own foreclosure pro se, and is still in his home today. This is one determined man who educated himself, took responsibility for what he learned by using it and then freely sharing it, and is quickly becoming a source of help and support for so many people going through foreclosure.

You can contact Ken at, through his facebook page, Mortgage = Copyright Derivative, and email 

Ken will take us through Mindbox next. This is one of the computer-prediction services used by the banksters to calculate their total gain by predicting your financial ups and downs, reducing “liability” for themselves by use of a virtual map of your financial future. This information is bound to strike many nerves. It made us physically ill to discover the lengths the bankers will go to to secure for themselves, eventually, everything you have worked for, past, present and future. We thank Ken for his years of research and willingness to open-source share it with the people.

To help you follow the show, here is a very brief synopsis of and visual time line to follow.

1788 (January 1), The United States was officially bankrupt.

1789, Judiciary Act:

The first taxing agency the banks created by the 1789 Judiciary Act. There have been NO LAWFUL JUDGES since this Act (evidenced by our Order). They were supposed to be collecting taxes from corporations, which are core processes.

Established a bank routing system where everything that you do goes through, it allowed courts to be places of business (banks). These “judges” (Chief banking officers) sit on the bench (bench means BANK). When you go to a judge for “justice”, you are going to be administered to offset Congressional debt, NOT for any lawful judgement…

This is how they get around the Sheriff (the treasury) so they cannot act as they were intended, a steward for humanity. The Sheriff was the bank (treasury), if something happened, his role was to take care of it, there wasn’t any banking or human trafficking, attorneys cashing in on human’s problems – that is where our money is supposed to be going, but it’s not, Congress came in and started undercutting all the Sheriffs (they are embezzling from the treasury (us)!)

1 Stat. 73. CHAP. XX. An Act to establish the Judicial Courts of the United States.

See the United States Tribunals Test

1790 (August 4), Article One of the U.S. Statues at Large, pages 138-178, abolished the States of the Republic and created Federal Districts. In the same year, the former States of the Republic reorganized as Corporations and their legislatures wrote new State Constitutions, absent defined boundaries, which they presented to the people of each state for a vote…the new State Constitutions fraudulently made the people “Citizens” of the new Corporate States. A Citizen is also defined as a “corporate fiction.”

1795: 11th Amendment:  The 11th Amendment amended Art. III, Sec.2 – THE judicial power SHALL NOT be construed to extend to any suit in law and equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States by Citizens of another State, or by Citizens or Subjects of any Foreign State.

The courts lead you to believe that the government can sue you, steal from you, pillage from you but the 11th Amendment says they can’t do that to the people.  So what did the 11th Amendment change?  It stripped the courts the power to operate in any case of law or in equity. It stripped the prosecutor the authority to prosecute in law and equity. They know this when we the people attempt to sue the government but don’t abide by this when the government charges the people.

1827Ramsey v. Alegra,Supreme Court decision, Waiver and Consent:  If you do not go into the court, they arrest you, use coercion to bring you into the court to make you make a general appearance so they can get Venue, not jurisdiction.  Venue is territorial.  Your zip code identifies your military venue under the guise of the IRS.  They want you to come into the court and ID yourself, which gives them venue, then they assess your obligation under the contract so formed.  The presumption is that you are the Debtor.

1832 JACKSON PROCLAMATION REGARDING NULLIFICATION:   Determined that it was contempt of court to argue statute or legislation! People are still demanding their rights and it was all over in 1832!

“…nor shall any copy of the record be permitted or allowed for that purpose; and that any person attempting to take such appeal, shall be punished as for a contempt of court…”

They have not allowed true evidence on the record since then!

1845, Congress passed legislation that would ultimately allow Common Law to be usurped by Admiralty Law. The yellow fringe placed at the bottom of court flags shows this is still true. Before 1845, Americans were considered sovereign individuals who governed themselves under Common Law.

1860 – Congress was adjourned Sine Die – Lincoln could not legally reconvene Congress.

1861, President Lincoln declared a National Emergency and Martial Law, which gave the President unprecedented powers and removed it from the other branches. This has NEVER been reversed.

1864 – 1867, RECONSTRUCTION ACTS: Federal government forces, under threat of death, required the states to relinquish state sovereignty and operate under federal jurisdiction and thereby expatriating themselves out of their American national Status.

1865: 13th Amendment opened the way for the people to volunteer into slavery by accepting the benefits offered by the United States.

1868: 14th Amendment made a new class of people “citizens of the U.S. different from an American National, free common law person living in a free state/State (i.e., Washington, D.C. – 10 square miles – its own country and not really a government)

The Expatriation Act of 1868 was an act of the 40th United States Congress regarding the right to renounce one’s citizenship. It states that “the right of expatriation is a natural and inherent right of all people” and “that any declaration, instruction, opinion, order, or decision of any officers of this government which restricts, impairs, or questions the right of expatriation, is hereby declared inconsistent with the fundamental principles of this government”. Its intent was to counter other countries’ claims that U.S. citizens owed them allegiance; it was an explicit rejection of the feudal common law principle of perpetual allegiance.

1870: 15th Amendment gave citizens the “right” to vote and the illusion that we the people have choice and power over who becomes our elected officials.

1871: U.S. Corporation (U.S. Inc.) becomes a reality by the Act of 1871.  It is a British Corporation which operates under emergency maritime law.

Acts of the 41st Congress – to provide a government for Washington D.C.   Congress had no authority to do this but they did anyway.  This meant we now had two governments – U.S. Inc. (a democracy with citizens who get “privileges” and the Republic which we never knew was different.  Supposedly we had a choice as to whether we wanted to be part of the Democracy or part of the Republic of the United States. But the people didn’t know the difference.

Essentially they tricked us into becoming citizens we lost our real freedom and became subject to their corporate laws.  It is the very same as if a Walmart employee was telling us what to do and what rights we do and don’t have.  To take it further, the equivalent of a Walmart employee can order us to surrender our bodies and our children to anything they deem we must do (i.e., the draft, vaccines, etc.)

1913: Federal Reserve Act now gave the United States, Inc. Central banking.

1913: 16th Amendment – Congress has the ability to decrease currency in circulation through taxation which it is presumed that the American people “volunteered” to participate in the U.S. democracy.

1913: 17th Amendment – legislated that the American people had volunteered to participate in the United States democracy (corporation).

1913: Created the American Bar Association to get control of the courts.

1917: Trading with the Enemy Act and the War Powers Act: declares a state of emergency.  This gives U.S. Inc. corporate government authority which the Constitution otherwise would prevent & mandate.  This suspends the limitations placed on the power of the corporate government.

The way the government oversteps their authority is through the State of Emergency.

Even in peace Congress passed numerous complicated laws.  Even attorneys couldn’t fathom all of the various laws put in place.

1921 Sheppard –Towner Maternity and Infancy Protection Act of 1921–    Register your child (Certificate of live birth) which states your child is domiciled in Washington D.C.  Unknowingly parents registered their newborn children as property of U.S. Inc.  Now they are (you are) controlled by the law of a private corporation instead of the republic formed by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  Your child is NOT YOUR child over whom you have ultimate say.  They can take your child away at any time if they don’t agree with what you are doing as a parent (i.e., refusing chemo and radiation for alternative medicine – they can claim child abuse and negligence).

Residence – where you live (your house)

Domicile – Where you ultimately intend to return and the LAWS UNDER WHICH YOU INTEND TO BE BOUND.

Therefore if each child is domiciled in the corporate U.S. then they are being bound as a slave and under the jurisdiction of the Roman law

This was repealed in 1929 because in 1922 it was ruled unconstitutional, so all they did was then put it almost exactly as is into the Social Security Act of 1935.

1930: Rod Class explains what the bankruptcy is about. US Inc. Declares Bankruptcy In order for you to understand just how this fraud works, you need to know the history of its inception. It goes like this:

From 1928 — 1932 there were five years of Geneva conventions. The nations of the world met in Geneva, Switzerland for 5 continuous years in order to set up what would be the policy of all the participating countries. During the year of 1930 the US, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc. all declared bankruptcy. If you try to look up the 1930 minutes, you will not find them because they don’t publish this particular volume. If you try to find the 1930 volume which contains the minutes of what happened, you will probably not find it. This volume has been pulled out of circulation or is hidden in the library and is very hard to find. This volume contains the evidence of the bankruptcy. The corporate US, then, is the head corporate member, who met at Geneva, to decide for all its corporate body members. The corporate representatives of corporate several states were not in attendance. If the states had their own power to declare bankruptcy regardless of whether Washington DC declared bankruptcy or not, then the several states would have been represented at Geneva. The several states of America were not represented. Consequently, whatever Washington DC agree to at Geneva was passed on automatically, via compact to the several corporate states as a group…

Minnesota Rule 220: The Registrar of Titles is authorized to receive for registration of memorials upon any outstanding certificate of title an official birth certificate pertaining to a registered owner named in said certificate of title showing the date of birth of said registered owner, providing there is attached to said birth certificate an affidavit of an affiant who states that he/she is familiar with the facts recited,

stating that the party named in said birth certificate is the same party as one of the owners named in said certificate of title; and that thereafter the Registrar of Titles shall treat said registered owner as
having attained the age of the majority at a date 18 years after the date of birth shown by said certificate.

Birth certificate worth millions

Also in the 1930’s federal legislation pushed for registration of cars, land through deed registration and trusts.

Constructive trusts were secretly created.  This made it so that the people (who were already corporate property) were literally human capital – sureties for the debts of the U.S. Corp.

They diverted attention to what they were doing by manipulating the economy to create the Great Depression.  That gave way for them to implement the Social Security program, along with many other U.S. Corp. programs – seen as “benefits” of the corporate employees (U.S. Citizen-slaves), the price for which is every single thing you think you own in your life, your body and, in fact, your very life itself.  Your very life is a surety that any debts of the U.S. Corp will be repaid.  You become chattel.

1933: massive property registration through U.S. agencies including any State and subdivisions thereof.  This was all done without disclosure of any of the material facts that accompanied each application for registration.  But the registration made every property the property of the U.S. Corporation.

1933 House Joint Resolution 192 recorded into the Congressional Record.  Not required to be placed in the Federal Register.  Executive Order paved the way for withdrawal of the gold in the United States.  This law stated that “the one with the gold pays the bills.”  It removed the requirement that the U.S. Corp citizens had to pay their debts with gold.  It actually prohibited the inclusion of a clause in all subsequent contracts that would require payment in gold.

Now the U.S. Corp citizens could use any type of coin and currency to discharge a public debt so long as it was in use in the normal course of business in the U.S.  At that time we had U.S. Notes.  So now all the gold, land and resources of the people is being stolen by the U.S. Corp.

Franklin Roosevelt created a mandate to remove all gold from the people, but the people did not receive full and adequate consideration (payment) for the gold that was given away.  Thus the U.S. Corporation has the gold.  The U.S. Corp created a constructive trust.  This meant that the party that received the gold (the U.S. Corp) now held the duty to pay the debts of the people since the people no longer held any money with which to pay a debt.  Their gold had been exchanged for nonredeemable Federal Reserve Notes.

The U.S. Corp is supposed to pay the bills of the people from the constructive trust account, fund or financial ledger.  A “fund” is money set aside to pay a debt.  The “fund” is there to discharge the public debts attributed to the U.S. citizens, but ultimately, the U.S. Corp and the bankers have been stealing the monies because they control your birth trust.

1935:  Social Security Act Title 5, sec 501, 502, supposedly for old age, disabilities and pensions.  But there’s more to it than that.  (Remember this too from previous page 1921 Sheppard –Towner Maternity and Infancy Protection Act of 1921–    Register your child (Certificate of live birth) which states your child is domiciled in Washington D.C.  Unknowingly parents registered their newborn children as property of U.S. Inc.  Now they are (you are) controlled by the law of a private corporation instead of the republic formed by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.)

So Title 5 section 501 502 show that the federal government gave a dollar amount on you, and it shows that 1.8 million dollars is what you’re worth at birth and the state got 1 million dollars each year thereafter and each person became a slave of the U.S. Corp. and its Civil Roman laws instead of the Common Law of American National free people of the Republic original created by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution!

The “national debt” is owed to the owners of the registered things (the owners of these things are really the American people).  46 APP USC 748 – The secretary of the treasury is authorized to pay judgments and claims on all U.S. vessels (i.e., the legal fiction created by the birth certificate).

UCC1: If the U.S. Corp owes a debt to the owner of something (YOU), and YOU, the owner is presumed (by accommodation) to owe a public debt to the United States (i.e., your credit cards, your mortgage, your car loan, your student loan), the logical course of action is to ask the U.S. Corp. to discharge that public debt from the trust fund (which is YOUR trust fund). The United States Incorporated company took the gold that belonged to the American People long ago.  They gave us nothing for it “no consideration.”

If you, as the owner of a thing, registered it with the United States or one of its subdivisions, you let the United States hold the legal title to your thing based on misrepresentation  and  failure  to  disclose  material  facts  to  you  at  the  time  of registration.  You probably retained possession of the thing.  The United States invested the title and made a profit.  If you did not specifically authorize the United States and its agents to invest the legal title, the profits made from that title belong to you, because as the owner, you remain the equitable titleholder.  Legally, all the profits from the investment of the titles to all your registered things must go into a fund for your benefit.  If they did not put the profits in a trust fund of some sort, it would be fraud.

Acquiring the titles through what is promoted as mandatory registration is fraud, pure and simpleQuite simply, living men and women have prepaid the entire de factoconcoction with the loss of the Land in 1865 and the transfer of all wealth to the United States Federal Corporation and subjugation of free-holding rights in 1933.

This mega pool of credit is used to fund all goods and services thereunder. Therefore, the correct economic model for a simple retail purchase would be to visit the store and have the value of the requisitioned goods set off against our credit. But since it does not work that way, since living men and women are forced to “pay” for goods and services they have already funded, we seek a refund of the “payment.”

The invoice or billing amount with which we are served is the fiction value that is attributed to the amount of our credit that was used to produce the good or service.  Since “U.S. Inc.” paid nothing for the gain and is charging us the invoice amount, that invoice amount comprises the Original Issue Discount – the amount that they will gain when we “pay” them minus the cost of the credit to produce the good or service (which was $0.00).

In banking situations, we approach a licensed credit bearer (bank) for the purpose of buying back our own goods – a house or a car for instance.  Since the bank claims to be “loaning” us value of some sort, and we supplied all of that value when our money was confiscated by deception in 1933, in effect the bank is charging us for access to our own credit.  So we are injured twice – when we purchase the car and when we pay the bank its tax (usury).  Therefore, since the bank’s investment was $0.00 and they are making value equal to the principal and interest of the loan, the Original Issue Discount is equal to the face value of the contract plus any payments that were made.

When you issue your credit to the bankrupt United States they have borrowed it from you and they owe you a return of principal plus interest.  To accomplish this quid pro quo exchange, you must report every presentment you receive to the Internal  Revenue  Service  which  will,  in  its  turn,  adjust  the  books  of  account according to which corporation has been using your credit.

That is what the 1040 form is about, and what the 1099OID forms are about. When you report a presentment on a 1099OID forms you are reporting to the IRS to whom you paid taxes or to whom you issued your credit.  And you can’t always know who that was because you don’t know how much of your credit was issued for paving the roads in your county or building the schools or funding that Wal-Mart or whatever.

The 1099 OID form enables the money to return to its source – You.


Information about Public Person vs. Private Person: Here is a fantastic explanation of public person vs. private.  It applies to the U.S. (this explanation clip is by Canadians also dealing with the public vs. private issue): and is from the website

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