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Judge Anna: How to Restore the Land Jurisdiction, Step by Step

We couldn’t ask for better instructions on exactly how to help restore the organic constitutional government that was overlapped by corporate special interests since 1789.



You can download the .pdf here.

3 Comments on Judge Anna: How to Restore the Land Jurisdiction, Step by Step

  1. Any one who claims to be a Judge must have a Moorish Fez, the Fez is the LAW of North America/North west Amexem/North America/Morocco/Treaty/National Republic Constitution.

    I Am Baz Nam-El and state for the Record I hold a Moorish Fez and I am a Judge/North west Amexem. any Fraud is Void for the Record and Punishable under International Treaty (BRICKS)

    Baz Nam-El

    In the Jurisdiction of My Ancestral Estate/North West Amexem/Morocco/North America Continent

  2. Greetings all!

    I have a couple questions in reading judge-anna-how-to-restore-the-land-jurisdiction-step-by-step

    Re: “You are intent on restructuring things in a lawful and orderly fashion and are merely exercising responsibilities and property rights you inherited.”

    Are these “property rights” in regards to public lands or the like?

    Re: #3. “Explain that there has been a lot of legal chicanery involved and that it is necessary as a result for people to reclaim their rightful and correct birthright political status as one of the free sovereign and independent people of the United States …”

    especially re: “c… people of the United States”.
    Isn’t “the United States” the property owned by The United States of America? If so why would we want to claim “political status” there?

    Re: “As that number of people grows, the caseload will grow, but so will the number of people employed.”

    What people are “employed”, who or what employs them and how are these “employees” compensated?

    Re: “Since 1965 there have been fewer and fewer Americans exercising their natural birthright political status so that many people are not aware that there is any difference between a ‘US citizen”‘ and
    ‘one of the free sovereign and independent people of the United

    Where in the Organic Law can we find: ‘one of the free sovereign and
    independent people of the United States’?

    Thank You!

  3. Howdy … I live on the land of new jersey. I have been exercising my rights as a free mankind. I no-longer have STATE OF NEW JERSEY IDs. Nor, register my private pleasure automobile with the STATE INC.

    I have been trying to get the STATE OF NEW JERSEY SENATOR and his Reps, to issue to me, journey documents and personal IDs, as a state national, living upon the land aka U.S. national (as they state on their forms).

    There is no STATE OF NEW JERSEY statutes drafted for the state national (U.S. national.

    These two men in the Senator-s office do not have a clue on how to proceed, even though they have been given, State statutes, and court dicta opinions. They tell me it is a federal issue.

    Well, The federal Congressman’s personnel tell me it is a STATE issue.

    I am tired of their lies and deceit and deceptions and out right stupidity. So, I went and filed for indigence.

    I have just received notice that my indigence request was granted for civil court and criminal court, as well.

    I am moving forward for declaring and demanding my birthright standing and my political status as an mankind standing upon the land of my nativity, as an American jerseyan; for being known for all to see: as a Court of Record public Notice, being signed off by one of their foreign State justices.

    And demand he draft journey documents and personal IDs, for me, as a state national, and place such information into their computers, so that, when stopped by rouge corporate pirate alleged police, I shall be left alone unmolested, in my private capacity as one of the people of America, living on the land, rather than being a regulated citizen of the UNITED STATES, Inc.

    I shall need any help on how to draft my official documents for this foreign civil matter at probate Chancery court.

    What documents will be needed: affidavits, live birth records, U.S. Inc. expatriation document (I have done in year 2004), never registered to vote (have docs stating that fact – only citizenry of U.S can vote), sent back the social security card/number with notice, and filed and recorded my sovereign statues in year 2003, with the County Clerk’s Records, and also, have a STATE OF NEW JERSEY Apostille stating I am a sovereign living soul and heir to the kingdom of yahuwah and his Son, the yahushua most High upon earth.

    Any help on how to proceed, draft styles, and what have you – information needed to present to these foreign rascals, so that it shall be favorable on my behalf, to have an order from a foreign justice verify, recognize and acknowledge my American heritage.

    And, that I am or ever been a citizen of the UNITED STATES, Inc. ab initio.

    And the BIG ONE, release the Birth Trust Account over to me, the mankind to minister. I am the creditor and the Master return home from beyond the Sea, and am calling all Trustees for an accounting of all books, records, estates, etcetera and to make all debts right and just and to release all interest and estates back over into the Master-s hands (control). Make an accounting trustees.

    What say ye?

    peace, love, prayers, and happiness sent to you and yours.


    robert donald, house of carr.

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