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Jury Deliberates in MMS Case

We  just got word that the Defendant, Daniel, was found guilty on all six counts.

The jury did not hear any evidence Daniel could provide on his behalf, nor were witnesses allowed to testify.  The attorney Daniel acquired at the last minute, in desperation, withdrew from the case when he saw the mountain of work that needed to be done to defend him.  That withdrawal was denied.  Daniel is now where the Department of Justice wants him to be — in a cage, silenced.

Jury Deliberates in MMS Case

No Truth Heard and We Don't CareIt’s fascinating that I wrote a short announcement about this, and it was lost in its entirety.

If you anticipated the world finally hearing public discourse on the nature and science of the Mineral (Master) Mineral Supplement (Solution), or “MMS” through the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA v. LOUIS DANIEL SMITH case, you can kiss that vision good-bye. It ain’t happening, at least not now.

A jury is in deliberations, to determine Daniel’s fate, without benefit of hearing his case, any witnesses on his behalf, or rebuttals to the “facts” presented by the Department of Justice.

At the last minute Daniel elected to take on an attorney, something that the Court had been recommending that he do a long time ago, and since attorney’s are “Officers of the Court”, which is their their first responsibility (if they want to remain in the British Accreditation Registry (or Regency), not the benefit or welfare of the client. To his credit, the attorney filed motions to the court to withdraw from the appointment once he saw the mountain of information that needed to be mined in order to provide a competent defense.


His motion was denied.

His appeal of the motion was denied.

However, the Court accepted his motion to rest Daniel’s case without a presentation of his defense.

I am reporting this based on a short conversation with Daniel over the weekend. He did not see this coming. He had no opportunity to object, or halt the proceedings. Given the turn of events, he was preparing yet another attempt to represent himself again.

That attempt apparently failed.

Now the jury deliberates. No verdict was reached yesterday.

Perhaps today…


2 Comments on Jury Deliberates in MMS Case

  1. This whole case stinks from the very start to the very end…

    I followed all of this case, the malicious attacks by the FDA and Justice Department against Daniel Smith and those he worked with, for doing nothing more than selling products that helped others get to better health… Also the attacks by FDA and Justice Department that MMS is an industrial bleach, which is nothing more than what comes out of the back end of a horse.. I have seen how effective MMS is at helping people, sick people start using it and start feeling better… I have been using it for about 8 years.. When nothing else could cure chronic Lyme, MMS sure did. MOST things will not cure this disease.. I will never stop using MMS even though I am no longer sick.

    FDA approved antibiotics often fail miserably to cure chronic Lyme disease for many using them and using them for years.. When these people start using MMS, the results are very different, health improvements are common.

    Daniel Smith’s crime is selling a product that helped people get to better health.. There is no other explanation other than this whole case was a Federal witch hunt. Many in the US prefer natural products such as MMS to help them get to much better health, often because FDA approved drugs failed them and even made them sicker.

    The FDA calls MMS an “industrial bleach,” the only purpose of this is to scare away those considering using it to get to better health..

    The United States Department of Labor, OSHA says “all substances are poisons.” However they also say, “the right dose differentiates a poison and a remedy!” MMS is used in tiny drops and it is definitely a remedy.

    What the FDA fails to mention in their scare about MMS, is that Chlorine Dioxide (what MMS becomes when a food acid is added to it), is sprayed on much of the US food supply before it is shipped and it does not need to be washed off. Also, Chlorine Dioixde is used in much of the US municipal water supply as a safe alternative to chlorine that actually is a health hazard. So if MMS is an industrial bleach, then why has the FDA approved it to be used on the US food and water supply? The answer: because it is not an industrial bleach. Yet one has to wonder how many people that MMS could have helped didn’t buy it because of these false words the FDA used.

    Did Daniel get a fair trial? Absolutely not.. And let us never forget, he did not commit a crime that caused harm to another human being, he only sold a product, MMS, he felt could help others back to better health.. And for that he could be imprisoned for up to 36 years? Murderers can get less time for their crimes.

    If the FDA and Justice Department can do this to Daniel and MMS, then no natural health products are immune from the long arm of the FDA and the Justice Department…

    AA, I consider you the voice of reason in turbulent times, I hope that you can make sense of all of this and can bring some calm and understanding to all as to why this had to happen and if there is hope for Daniel going forward. How is it the jury hears no evidence and witnesses were not allowed to testify and they find him guilty on all 6 counts? This alone sounds unfair and very, very scary..

    Daniel is a good person, he was selling a product he knew could help others and MMS (sodium chlorite) is a perfectly legal product that has been sold in the United States for decades as a water purifier. ~ JimJax

    • I Totally agree, Jim! I use MMS myself. It IS a miracle medicine! Something definitely has to be done about this and so much more.
      Thank you for posting your comment!

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