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Ken Dost Interview on Foreclosure Remedy

Ken always has amazing stuff to share with us.  We interviewed him yesterday and wow, has he come up with the ways the banksters have fooled the people — there is so much information in this interview, we had to stop and catch our breath so we could continue with Part 2, coming in the next day or two.  Please share across your networks, this is incredible information!


3 Comments on Ken Dost Interview on Foreclosure Remedy

  1. Thank you this is very informative. Hopefully, this wakes people up! I am interested in speaking with you about how I might be of help by using my website. Glad I found your website. 🙂 take care.

  2. Kia ora from Aotearoa (New Zealand) – I have watched the entire video 3 times and am still none the wiser. I certainly don’t consider myself uneducated. Can I suggest that Ken does this presentation using a whiteboard or maybe chunking things down in a more simplified language and presenting in a power point presentation.

    • Hi Sandra! Yes — it is a lot of information to digest, isn’t it? In Part 2, we will make sure to go over the points in Part 1 and I will ask Ken how we might simplify some of those points. Thanks for hanging in there — I had a hard time understanding the process too, it’s obvious the bankers didn’t want us to find out!

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