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Kris Anne Hall: What’s Really Happening at Bundy Ranch

2 Comments on Kris Anne Hall: What’s Really Happening at Bundy Ranch

  1. Kris Anne, i believe the states can remove themselves from the Federal Zone very simply by doing 2 things; stop using the 2 capital letter ST identifier ie TX instead of Tex or Texas, and the zip codes. these are both Fed Zone Identifiers and as long as the states use these they are in the Fed Zone the same as Territories and must follow all the directives and the statutes that come out of DC. if you have any influence with any governors in the western states you may want to share this with them. but, of course, theyd also have to stop taking federal money but they probably could also stop sending money to the federal gov. but the western states could then take possession of all the land that the fed gov is illegaly poss. there are many more advantages to taking back ones state sovereignty.

  2. Another Beautiful young Woman Who Knows the Law, with Tears in My Eyes. I like to give Her a Hug,and Humble with Respect To Her.
    The Woman of Civilization are The LAW and Republic Form Of Government. They are the Birth Of Civilization and it has been Hidden from ALL Of We The People. Know True History will sett You Free.
    The 10 Mile Area was only for the Republic form of government To serve WE the People to Protect Our Rights.
    it Has Been Usurp by The Democracy Order Fraud from around 1861,Gap 1871. Remember Lincoln was a Republic President, and he served the people the Government and We Are the LAW. it was Always Attacked We go Back to 1789, so called STATUTES 1789 Oath Of Office Goes 360 Degrees Back to The National International Republic Constitution Treaty Form of Government We The People. not Democracy order 1871 TREASON GENOCIDE FRAUD BIRTH RIGHT THEFT. Woman Womb of Civilization is the LAW. Remember Article 4 section 4 Republic form of Government is the Woman of Civilization Article 6 Note Treaty Note BEFORE, We go Back to the Birth Of Civilization The Woman are The Queens.
    I welcome any Rebut. Love You Woman of Civilization.

    Baz Nam-El

    in the jurisdiction of my ancestral estate/national domicile/north America continent

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