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Martial Law Atmosphere in Harney County, Oregon: What Are The Feds Afraid Of?

We can’t help but wonder what on earth the feds are so afraid of that they’ve employed armed mercenaries (called FBI, law enforcement, etc.) to continue to assert authority over the people using checkpoints to block roads.  This man at the Harney County Courthouse tells us of a contracted mercenary (called FBI) standing near the courthouse with an automatic weapon loaded and ready — for what?  The people waking up and taking a stand, that’s what!

We’ve spoken with someone who was in Burns and talked with Ammon Bundy and his group just days before the group including Ryan and Ammon Bundy were kidnapped and LaVoy Finicum was murdered.  He wants to make a statement and that recording will be ready in the next couple of days.


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  1. Dream Fulfilled // July 8, 2016 at 1:48 am // Reply

    I think the FBI, DOJ, IRS, and other government agencies are in support of pushing Obama and the globalists NWO Agenda. I’m not sure how he sold them on this oppressive, dictatorship which requires the death of more than 5 billion humans to create the world they envision. Through their one world government, the existing humans would serve their government, live in crowded, prison-like apartments in huge cities, in short, would NOT be free. Obama’s insistence on a police state would be enforced, with citizens arrested for any thinking which does not support the government. Dictatorship- with Obama as dictator. I think government agencies support his ideas to remain in government-promised not to live as the”citizens (slaves). So, Oregon, which values freedom and democracy are but one example of the current US Administration under Obama to impose NWO rules, with the full support of the UN I must add, onto Americans to destroy America and reduce any opposition to their plans. Americans seem not to want to accept this, and continue to want a government which takes care of all their problems, instead of getting involved in making America great without the corruption. They either do not believe, or do not care that our tax dollars have been used to create and fund our destruction. I respect ORegon and their ability to stand up to our repressive government’s actions. Even before Obama the FBI has been corrupt- they sold biological weapons to Sadda Hussein which he used against our military in the Gulf War, resulting in the Gulf War Illness that sickened, permanently disabled, and killed many of our young men who served there. They NEVER took responsibility for this, even the CDC covered it up for a year, telling the young men they were IMAGINING their illnesses. That is but one example-clearly showing that our governments have just become more corrupt with each new administration. It must stop and I will support and provide any assistance I can toward developing humanitarian governing. I have envisioned small communities with like-minded governing also so I feel that working with your organization is simply my destiny-and finding you puts me at peace. Thank you!

  2. It’s all about citizenship. I’ve done a good amount of research on this and found why a way to become a citizen of the several states United by and under the Constitution. Anyone interested let me know.

  3. Greetings All,
    Sorry. This does not relate to the above. I just ran across this, even though this is dated, and thought others might like to see it, if they have not already. This is the link.
    It is the embodiment of chutzpah. She sure knows who she is, and lets you know in no uncertain, unmistakable terms. However, at the same time spot on in many ways, after reading the pleadings. Perhaps Judge Anna might like to see this. (caution for language, if you are sensitive to it)

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