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Plan to Abolish Dodd-Frank – Go Pro-Consumer, End “Too-Big-to-Fail”

Republican plan to abolish Dodd-Frank passes committee, full House vote coming


This is why guys, the truth is out. Linda Almonte’s work and evidence they cannot quash is behind it all. She is the conduit behind the scenes. Linda Almonte is the key and her evidence unlocks the door.

The Thousands of Hits Have Been Blowing the Servers so We’ve Created Other Ways to Listen on the Web or Download:

Linda Almonte, the Biggest Whistleblower in the Mortgage and Credit Card
Fraud is Blowing the Lid Off the SEC, CFPB and Much More!

Interviewed and co-hosted by investigative journalist Rene Powers and

Dr. Christina Winsey

You can listen on the web or download

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  1. Contact us at National Action Network, 678-732-0405 and ask for John Fisher or call 404-293-2653. We have a group of people that are fighting for their homes. We run a program on U Tube on Mondays as community spotlight live thru waen-tv. We have an eviction support group that meets every first and third Tuesday of the month. Please call us. We have a plan for attacking these issues. We are creating a national registry of stolen houses and properties that are under the guise of illegally foreclosed properties. Urgent!!!

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