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Public Notice of Rescission of Signature and Support

Be it now known that I fully and completely RESCIND and REMOVE  my signature from the New Earth Peace Treaty, New Earth Nation and the ITNJ and I sever my ties with your organizations.  I state this publically due to the discovery (by Rebecca Cope, Sue Rhoades, Rod Class and our entire American Natural Justice team of volunteer researchers) of the covert and deceitful inconsistencies and agendas of Sacha Stone, Sir John Walsh, Caleb Skinner and their followers, to pervert the very foundational purpose of the ITNJ and New Earth.  These statements are not accusations of opinion.  They are statements of facts based on unquestionable documentation (both written and video) provided in public notice given by Rebecca Cope and Sue Rhoades.  Their public statements can be found on and on

I want it to be perfectly clear on and for the record that my involvement with the ITNJ has solely been to support the grand jury model for the people and by the people as outlined brilliantly from the very beginning by Rebecca Cope, Sue Rhoades and the entire American team.  As such my only purpose as co-host of the Adventures Into Sovereignty shows was to further the mission of exposing to the people of the World, the corruption being perpetrated upon them.

I received absolutely no compensation for doing these shows nor for any activity of any kind in which I was involved to support the forward movement of the ITNJ.  Had I known the nature of and meaning of the underlying entrapment of humanity contained in the wording and covert plans of the ITNJ, the New Earth Nation and the New Earth Peace Treaty I would never have signed the New Earth Peace Treaty nor promoted the ITNJ on Adventures Into Sovereignty in any way.  Not one soul of our heartfelt VOLUNTEER American team ever asked for, nor was compensated for the hours and hours of work they invested into the ITNJ.

Dr. Christina Winsey, Without Prejudice

Co-host Adventures Into Sovereignty shows


7 Comments on Public Notice of Rescission of Signature and Support

  1. Peter Hamilton of the House of Boyle // March 31, 2016 at 7:49 pm // Reply

    I supported the concept and funded but i decided not to expose John Walsh until the tribunal was up and running, than get rid of what i believe ( and can prove ) is a con man, liars really must have a good memory, his CV says he carried out his uni in Aust, he told me he studied at Trinity College Dublin
    this detail and his treatment of clients shows that he has taken at least est $300,ooo.oo from people in the past years and done nothing not even turned up in court on many occasions
    All this imformation was provided to the Solicitors conduct Board For South Australia during our meeting The Full Bench of the Supreme Court of South Australia is yet to decide on his appeal.
    Apart from that i have seen him shown up on many occasions for what i believe he is A Twister and a member of the Bar as if that is not enough.

    It is a pity but there is obviously others in the same capacity that has allowed it to fail I, commend Rebecca Cope Please Keep trying,you have support in Australia

  2. A Hidden Contract or Hidden Conspiracy planned by a group to deceive and who think they are above the Law of Nations to control in slave Humanity the survival of this planet mother earth and who goes against Humanity Live Flesh and Blood Beings on a world wide Global Agenda seven continents and the adjoining islands and the ocean seas of the secret Treaty of Verona 1213 is Exposed and is void not just null and void simply void, GENOCIDE is not excepted. DICTATORS are not EXCEPTED World Wide.
    We are not a Trust, Corporation, or any business Entity and we are not a corps-Dead .We are alive and Humanity knows who you are.

    • Yes! Hidden contracts are what we’re dealing with here. Treaties, “Executive Orders,” and Papal Bulls. One only needs to ask why the need for hidden contracts — and the answer is right there in front of you! Thank you Baz, for your awesome research!

      • BAR Association Members known as Attorneys are actually operating in a fiction make believe of law and is only corporate law that applies to CORPORATES that they enforce and only applies to what they made to apply to them and them only.
        Not the Flesh blood beings known as Humans from the Organic soil from the earth and seven continents and the adjoining islands and the ocean seas and not the holy see. anything else is GENOCIDLE CONTACT, GENOCIDE.

      • We are Dealing with the utmost Assault, CORPORATIONS Posing as Authority called Government. lets be clear we the human flesh and blood beings are the government, read your declaration of independence on the north America continent and the Federalist papers, Constitution, Federalist Bill of RIGHTS or any seven Continents and the adjoining islands or sea bearing private human flesh and blood , (not the holy see) .vessel ownership and not dictated by CORPORATIONS posing as Authority as (CORPORATE CHARTERS) are against Humanity and Enslave human flesh and blood beings, they are FOREIGN AGENTS against the Land inhabitants and the sea and not the holy see. Flesh and blood Human beings are the LAW and do no harm.
        others are reaching out to Humanity and not limited to my research.

  3. thank you for the update and thank you all for speaking your truth. i am looking forward to more shows and more creative collaborations regarding the transmutation and transcendence of the energetic and corporate systems created to perpetuate voluntary slavery in a fictitious world. the ‘adventures into sovereignty’ team is divinely guided, no doubt. may we all radiate our love/life force throughout the planet, encompassing all of our sisters and brothers and all of earthkind. every day i am reminded of the gift of ‘re-calibration’. this is a glowing opportunity to re-calibrate and continue on, in service to gaia and all of earthkind. thank you all so much. in unconditional love, multi-dimensional awareness and unity consciousness, salem magi

  4. 1213A.D. Britain and Ireland were yielded in perpetuity to Rome. There was no authority to make this contract. It was done in fraud and is forever abhorrent, unlawful and therefore null and void. Notwithstanding this it is the founding principle/authority of all ‘law’ since, all governments and the matrix of false lack as is evident in 2015. Magna Carta of 1215 was not a noble reprisal. It was a bunch of local lords peeved that the Over Lord (King John) would have the temerity to usurp them and give their lands away. But since they tried to break what Pope Innocent and King John saw as a lawful contract it was dismissed as quickly as it was introduced. In fact Magna Carta was the very life blood that set the contract of 1213 in stone, i.e. yes the people of the land in England are delinquent and therefore the Crown seizes all in perpetuity to manage their affairs.

    That to my mind is the real reason ITNJ failed. It is nothing to do with internal failings and ego clashes. That is merely the symptom. The disease it that the founding is associating too much with Magna Carta, by way of 800 year alignments etc. However as per Rebeca’s ‘Ripping Point’ post the true people led natural justice principle is still a kernel that survives……it would seem a real shame if this ‘American Team’ does not continue forthwith and materialize all their work in the form of true community led accountability being made available to one and all. After all Natural Local Justice existed for many millennia prior to 1213.

    A still image of the panel in the opening ceremony of 15th June from a video told anyone with eyes to see that in its current form the ITNJ was never going to gain traction. Only that which supports service to others in full transparency goes forth from now.

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