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R. I. P. Jovan Julian Robles

Wednesday,  August 26, 2015

A special memorial send-off to the co-author of my favorite blog site

By Rebecca Cope

No matter how sophisticated we are in our thinking about death and dying, when we lose a loved one, it hurts. Our lives are torn apart, our hearts are vulnerable, and we have to take time to heal and to deal with the aftermath. My heart hurts for my favorite bloggers. Justin Deschamps lost his partner, Julian Robles, this week, when a blood clot left his lung and hit his heart. Julian was just 27. We are never prepared for such sudden news. Our sympathy and love reaches out to Justin. We send special prayers for Julian as he makes his transition.

One of the best ways to celebrate Julian’s life is to go to their blog and revisit his beautiful photography. Buy one of his photos – I can’t think of a better way to let Justin know we appreciate their thoughtful work and the method they chose to be of greater service to the whole.

I first became acquainted with Justin and Julian through the Florida OPPT group. They, too, helped the “Cancelled Slavery Contract” Meme go viral. OPPT served as a connector and a wake-up call. Their blog, Stillness In The Storm, co-authored by Justin and Julian, became my go-to site for its careful, balanced analysis of current events and all things useful to the times we are living through.

Julian’s Motto resonates with me: “Because we know the truth, we have to be the change.”

 Justin has made it clear that he will celebrate Julian’s deep influence by continuing to grow the blog as a key way to be of service to the greater good. Our hearts reach out to you both, during this major transition.

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