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A Baby Maimed By Police and They Really Don’t Care!

Meet Baby Bou Bou, Maimed by Police with a No-Knock Warrant and a Flash Grenade

The Phonesavanh family

The Phonesavanh family has become the face of police brutality overnight, all in the name of the war on drugs. 19 month-old Bounkham Phonesavanh aka baby Bou Bou suffered life threatening injuries at the hands of the Habersham County Sheriffs Department. A no-knock warrant was served at the Phonesavanh’s temporary residence.


As the sheriff’s department gained entry, a flash stun grenade was tossed into a room occupied by four small children, landing in the play-pen of baby bou bou and exploded at point blank range. No drugs were seized, nor were there any arrests made. The treatment of this innocent family can only be described as criminal negligence, and those responsible for this tragedy must be held accountable.


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