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Rebecca’s Five Faves Friday

Friday, August 28, 2015



Ellen Goodman

Another edition of Five Faves Friday by Rebecca Cope

Two Mule Deer visit us during Breakfast

 After we left Missouri in July, we headed for Yellowstone National Park. Yesterday, as we drove through the Flaming Gorge, we stopped to take pictures of a bear cub helping himself to road kill. Jerry was cautious, since we could not spot Mama Bear.

This morning, while we were sitting outside having breakfast, two mule deer nonchalantly grazed in front of us.

We are the first wave of baby boomers who chose an alternative lifestyle. Our home is a 39’Safari we named Traveling Shoes. Our “ride” is Three-Toes, a vintage 1500 Goldwing Trike. One of the highlights of this trip was being in Sturgis, South Dakota, for the 75th Anniversary of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. They were expecting 1,000,000 bikers. I believe they exceeded that number! What fun, to ride the Needles, and the Wildlife Loop, where we had to bow up and stop to let a huge buffalo bull cross right in front of us.

Of course we have ridden the Tail of the Dragon, not far from homebase in the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you need to put both of these trips on your bucket list.

We have met many others who have adopted our alternative lifestyle. The quote from Ellen Goodman was handed to me by Dave and Teri, who celebrated one month of early retirement with us in Yellowstone and the Tetons. She read this to her workgroup her last day on the job.

Many of us are rethinking life’s choices, including HOW we interact with the Corporations posing as Government who assume we have “Delegated them Authority” to run our lives.

HOW a private International Banking Cartel set up their Agents as Administrators of the Slavery Contract that is at the heart of their system is the subject of THE SOURCE DOCUMENTS. My major task, as we wind through the mountains of the Southwest, is to put the finishing touches on the video we taped with Rod Class at Lake Norman last summer. It never got finished, so we will finish it ourselves. We can. Jerry filmed and edited our Square Dance Documentary, Hoedown, back in the day. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Jerry, my partner of almost five decades, set our Motorhome up so that we are self-sufficient in every way. We have solar panels sufficient to never need a generator, and a compost toilet that is our key water-saver. Our A T and T mi-fi system, with 40 Gigs of internet, has worked well in all but the most remote areas of Yellowstone. Our microphones and on-board audio-visuals, worked perfect for our Strategic Planning Session in July. It is quite roomy, with three slide-outs. We owe no debt, and can live quite frugally with our set-up. Campsites in the most scenic areas imaginable have averaged $7.00 – $11.00.

Just for fun, my Five Faves for this Friday give insight into how others have chosen this alternative life-style. Sovereignty is about living life on your own terms. These websites offer great insight into HOW others have managed to break away from the pack.

  1. The Happy Camper: How I quit my Corporate Job and Sold Everything To Travel Full-Time, by Kate Gilbert, an Amazon E-Book Kate tells an interesting story of how she and her husband quit work in their mid-forties, sold-out, bought a 27’ Airstream, and took off. She gives a good over-view of what has happened to workers in America, and why more and more have chosen to leave the toxic corporate environment.
  1. International Housesitting: How to Travel the World Anywhere and Stay for Free, with Nat Smith and Jodie Thompson This Amazon E-Book is No. 1 on the Bestseller list, and for good reason. This savvy couple found themselves in a very awkward situation in Dubai, with $300 in their pocket, and a business deal gone very bad, with no prospects, and no answers. They got creative. You will enjoy their story, and the trend they help lead. Where there’s a will, there’s always a way.
  1. One of my favorite RV Traveling Blogs is This is the most frugal couple I know. They travel in their RV for part of the year, work as a paid camp-host in Canada for five months, and win trips to exotic places like Safari Travel through Africa. They post their monthly travel expenses, tell how they did it, and truly, for an average of $1200 a month, they make it just fine.
  1. Alternative housing choices that are more affordable, that make it possible to get rid of high mortgages, is the Tiny House Newsletter: The amount of ideas in this newsletter will delight, and send your imagination into over-drive as you look for new ways to think about housing options.
  1. And, my favorite blog for current events, for a good analysis that often opens your mind to new ways to think about life, is Stillness In the storm.

That’s it for this week. Much going on behind the scenes as the summer winds down and we put our heads together to finish the job we started more than a year ago. Stay tuned as the new plans get ready for roll-out.







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