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Rebecca’s Five Faves Friday


By Rebecca Cope

I have spent the last week in the wild canyons of Utah in some of the most beautiful country I have ever experienced. No internet. No cell signal. Hmmm…..

I relaxed more, let my thoughts settle down, and enjoyed traveling with my partner of 46 years. We rode Three Toes without any need for helmets. Do you know what it is like, to feel the wind in your face, the sun turning your arms a golden brown, sitting close enough to your lover to reach up and smooth his shoulders or poke him in the ribs when he makes one of his Appalachian jokes?

Do you take time to enjoy life, no matter your budget, your work or family life? We all deserve to enjoy our lives. Question everything that destroys our ability to live life on our own terms. Will you dare?

Today, we discovered the most perfect campsite of this whole two-month journey. We are camped right on the beach at Lake Powell, in a National Forest sanctuary, for $6.00 a night. I don’t think we can be tempted to leave for several weeks. It is that perfect.

In fact, this area would make such a perfect Hang-out that I want to plan a rally for those who would like to meet each other, share HOW we are determined to get out of this Slavery System by calling it what it is and walking out of it fully and completely. For those with RV’s, tents, vans, vehicles, a homemade portable dome, or any other structure to protect you from the sun, an occasional rain storm, or give you some privacy, I can’t think of a better place to meet up.

My Five Faves this Friday celebrate America The Beautiful.

  1. THE BEACH AT LAKE POWELL – 2,000 miles of shoreline surrounded by canyons and beaches.
  2. I touched Dinosaur Bones 150 million years old in Vernal, Utah. The whole town was ablaze with variegated shades of purple and pink wave petunias spread from one end of town to another. I found the best farmer’s market there. It was a friendly small town

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3 Comments on Rebecca’s Five Faves Friday

  1. please send me rebecca’s e-mail address, i only caught part of it on another website rebecca@humani??.org thank you

  2. It is a very Beautiful area, I have been there Myself.
    Maybe not the same exact location because it is so Huge.
    It is very Beautiful and a Breath of Fresh Air Solitude.
    I am in Idaho it is a small drive for me.

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