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Rebecca’s Five Faves Friday

2015-09-07 06.17.29 (2) black skull lloyd-cleveland quarry

Rebecca’s Five Faves Friday

September 11, 2015

The fossilized bones lay out on the ground in plain sight…….

Ranchers and cowhands came from miles around to stare at huge chunks of blackened bones scattered around in the ravine. A massive skull with teeth intact really got their attention. Leg-bone fragments were taller than any man. What creature was this? Certainly, all were glad no such monster lived in their valley now.

Nobody bothered the bones. They had lain their undisturbed for years. Finally, in 1941, the mystery was solved. Sort of.   Even now, paleontologists debate what caused the 80-mile corridor known as the Bermuda Triangle of Dinosaur bones. They do seem to agree that all of the skeletons come from the Jurassic Period, 150 million years ago.

As crews dug around looking for more of the fossils, they found so many bones that at least 78 complete skeletons have been assembled and sent to museums across the world.  It is quite daunting, to see how the bones are scattered in their burial pits. Imagine the painstaking work required to reassemble the bones as complete skeletons.

Imagine the amount of work it has taken to re-assemble The Source Documents! Over many years, Rod Class and his researchers have pieced together the 150 year history that has added significant layers of understanding. They have sifted through Legislative Acts, Congressional Records, speeches by opponents, so much data, until the complete picture emerges. Many clues were deliberately left out in plain sight so the PTW could claim we “volunteered” to go along with their plan.

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