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Rod Class DC Gun Case Update: Appeal Filed into the DC Court of Appeals

AIS joins Rod Class in a simulcast with his Talkshoe radio show to talk about his latest filing into the DC Court of Appeals.  We went into detail on the issues involved in this case and the curious events that have transpired since the court broke its eight-month silence with the appeals process.

Rod’s Appeal was drafted using a different and separate set of rules of procedure that were not posted on the DC Court’s website for the public.  Rod’s appeal document and the set of rules he found outside of the DC Court website are posted below.

This case gets more interesting as time goes on … we are learning exactly HOW the court operates, who does what to keep the game going, and in the process, we’re learning how to beat them at their own game.




9 Comments on Rod Class DC Gun Case Update: Appeal Filed into the DC Court of Appeals

  1. Wow. Excellent work! Drafting court papers is tedious work. But when finished is a personal masterpiece. The content is fantastic and iron clad. Well done Rod. We support you!!!!!!!!!

  2. This was an informative video and the accompanying documents as well.

  3. Your persistence has saved this world……..THANK YOU….

  4. great stuff! Rebecca can you please pull your microphone away from your mouth about an inch to eliminate the distortion.
    thank you

  5. Excellent as always on Rod and everyone’s part. Pulling, praying, and anything else I can do to help.

  6. Ask the DC if they have certify copy of TITLE and SHARE HOLDERS?

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