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Rod Class: New Recording on the DMV and Other Good Stuff

It’s not about years of study so much as it’s reading and understanding what they say in their own documents.

Corporate agents continuously use language in their OWN RULES and regulations to create revenue for their employers, whether they know it or not.  All “laws” are simply corporate policy, and most of them know exactly what they’re doing and have been counting on the people’s lack of knowledge on how this elaborate scam is run.

We know the game, and we know how to let them know in a way where they cannot answer without incriminating themselves.  This is exactly what we want.  The next step is remedy in the form of going after their bond — piercing the corporate veil — and then going after the individual responsible for the unlawful action.

There’s a reason why the corporate court system needs guns to enforce their policies.  But we have something much more powerful.  Knowledge of the truth.


We are in the process of creating an educational system that will assist anyone in understanding how the game works.  We can then fire paperwork back at them that notes their fallacies on the record which is also permanent public notice.  We are living in a time where the people are becoming aware of the bullshit, and are looking for ways to expose it.  There is no more fulfilling way to expose bullshit, in our opinion, than to expose it to the bullshitters, on public record.

Some people don’t want to “play” in their system.  They think it validates it.  We understand, and we agree.  But when the “system” gets a hold of you, it doesn’t let go.  It counts on your fear of not knowing how their game is played.  It counts on the fact that you don’t have a clue how to hold them accountable for their actions because they’ve been getting away with it for so long they’ve become arrogant.

Rod explains here that not everyone has the time to do the studying he’s done, and we intend to put all the years of study into short webinars with documentation that you will be able to study in your spare time, on your own schedule.  Along with the instructional videos we will be putting out, once a month, or more often if needed, we will host a live webinar with the expert, where your specific questions can be answered.

Recommended reading:  The Art of War, by Sun Tzu


We’re so happy to have Ken Dost and his powerful foreclosure information part of our educational series team.  Once you understand the spider web of fraud regarding banking, contracts, loans and foreclosures, you will never do business with a bank without knowing exactly how they operate, and how to hold them accountable for their actions if and when the time comes.  Foreclosure “defense” is not the answer, Ken says.  We’ve interviewed Ken a number of times on AIS shows and many people are asking for more.  We’ll be bringing this out, step by step — in the same format as Rod’s material.  The goal is to provide knowledge — remedy — and accountability.

Both Rod and Ken have done the hard research work for us.  Now it’s up to us to get this to you in as simplified a format as possible.

It’s taking us a great deal of time (more than we ever thought) to get this information put together so you won’t have to spend hours and hours in front of the computer to understand the remedy that’s hidden in the corporate court system’s own documentation.  Thank you for hanging in there with us, we intend to make it worth your while!



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  1. Sue since rod class been on your show; I heard him tonight talking about North Carolina judge sent an alert to state wide law inforcement to put all your wordly possessions in some one elses name to protect yourself law suits!! did someone just open Pandora’s Box Gene

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