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Taking Back Our Food: AIS Interviews Wade Lillico of Loverna Veg

An amazing story of how two people and their three-acre garden have given them freedom from dependence on GMO-laced grocery store foods.  While they’re at it, they’re able to feed customers who live in their community for ONE DOLLAR per POUND for their garden-fresh food.  Wade tells us how they created an off-grid system for his home and about the greenhouse they buildt which runs on solar and wind power and the simply-engineered irrigation system he put in at less than 1/4 of the cost of a traditional one.

He tells us how they’ve done all this in just under four years, and what they have planned next.

We’ll be checking in with Wade and his wife often as they continue to build their dream community!

The Loverna Veg Greenhouse …

Off Grid Loverna!

You can contact Wade through his Loverna Veg facebook page.  Click below to get there and while you’re at it, give them a Like!

3 Comments on Taking Back Our Food: AIS Interviews Wade Lillico of Loverna Veg

  1. Thank you and your wonderful wife Wade for your present to all of us.Trust we will continue this wonderful venture of generosity and love.

  2. Wade Lillico should check out the “back to eden” gardening method:

    There’s no need to till the spoil, just add woodchips.

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