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The American Bar Association: A 501(c) Nonprofit

Here’s the evidence to show your friends and family who think you’re just a conspiracy theorist telling tall tales.


Download link here.

5 Comments on The American Bar Association: A 501(c) Nonprofit

  1. Hello Everyone
    Who really contributed money to the ABA. I have never seen a donations to the ABA in 19 years of tax work.

    • We have been told that the ABA is actually a company owned by Northern Trust Corporation, which, it appears, is a front corporation for many government agencies that work together but must appear as separate. After all, it couldn’t be made obvious that they are all corporations — nonprofit, religious corporations (look up the NFL — unbelievable!) and how they’re traded on the stock market . We’re hoping to get more information on Northern Trust Corp. but if anyone has done any research on them we’ll post it for all. I did a little research into them a few years ago and found out the IRS is owned by them .. but it’s on another hard drive, somewhere…

  2. Sue, what are you getting to here? I’d like to know as I just had reason to contact the ABA regarding an “errant” prosecutor.

  3. Hi Every one, Remember we do not give Legal Advice if you want Legal Advice the Saying goes See a Attorney. Who are They? They are All Corporations Claiming Non Profit, and Prosecute put you in Jail and Ruin your Life and Familey and Steal all Your wealth and Land.Study and do Research, this is for All living Flesh and Blood Beings Learn to investigate,I am here to help You so do not Be afraid or think it is a Stupid Question I will do my best to serve All of You.all Questions are very Important, so be Relaxed we are all here to Help.
    Learn what 501 c – 3 is. it is the 3 Star agreement District of Columbia Municipal Corporation 3 Star Flag. So Friends, Research as We do not give Legal Advice.
    Baz Nam-El
    in the jurisdiction of my ancestral estate/North America Continent

  4. Greetings Sue Rhoades,
    Thank You for the post, but please excuse me my lack of understanding in this matter. I do not get what it is you are trying to point out and its importance. Is there something contained within the one hundred some page document that you wish me to find. If you could add some context, and where I should be looking within the document would be greatly appreciated. I may end up red faced once you point out what may be obvious of what it is, but for now, it has zipped over my head. Thank You.

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