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1 Comment on The Nut is Cracked: by Judge Anna von Reitz

  1. Hi , I am on probation for DWI ticket’s from back in June- 2009 and was convicted in Clayton Missouri on 08-23-2014 they were yelling at me to take the deal and the charges were thrown out had been thrown out , don’t ask me why , because they lied about every thing and even the cops never showed and I took the deal , so my girlfriend was given a drug called Hali-done back in April -2009, a psychotropic drug but they said it was a sedative , after she took one pill she died from a gun wound to the head , I started getting really drunk . During the winter of 2012 I fought Ameren Missouri over removing the Smart Meter from my home because of my cirrhosis of the liver caused by the meter’s eletroctrow magnetic field “radiation poisoning”, so I won the battle and exposed Ameren for microwave radiation damage & poisoning to Americans . You can see how the court from hell rewarded me . yours truly Leo H. Fleming III .

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