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The Path to Natural Law and Natural Justice

The following letter was brought to our attention this morning, written by Ken Bartle.  There IS a path to true natural law and natural justice, and Ken lays it out beautifully.  It also brought to mind something I “forget” to “remember” on a regular basis.  It’s a work in progress, for sure.

A good place to start is to walk away from any hierarchical structures that cater to what is routinely TAUGHT over and over — take some time to shake off the cobwebs — and realize that YOU ALREADY KNOW what IS.  In that frame of mind, you are in position to literally change the world.

Thank you Ken!

Dear Sue Rhoades and Rebecca Cope,

Thank you Sue, for your article, Letter of No Confidence in the International Tribunal for Natural Justice and the ITNJ BAR Association,Including “New Earth Trust.”and Rebecca, for your article, Why the ITNJ is DEAD ON ARRIVAL less than two months after the Inaugural Event

It is not my intention here to comment on what seems to be self destruction of the ITNJ, rather to examine the path forward to natural law and natural justice. However I will quote from your article, Sue, because it introduces what I consider must be addressed.

“The ITNJ BAR Association, although on one hand allows “big names in the legal field to come together for natural justice,” also can be seen, and used, as a safety net for some of the most heinous criminals on the planet. There was nothing written in either policies and procedures, or the Constitution, to explain how this would be avoided.”

Thank you, Rebecca for your article and your intentions …

“It is clear that Natural Justice depends solely upon the people themselves understanding our true role in our own affairs. To that end, we shall continue our outreach and our educational focus.”

I agree, and that is my purpose for writing. In my research following the Constitution of Man, prior to writing “Free by Nature” I discovered the work of Frank Van Dun, a Belgian law philosopher and libertarian natural law theorist, associated with the law faculty of the University of Ghent. From close study of his work, a position of “No Confidence in the International Tribunal for Natural Justice,” came as no surprise whatsoever.

Van Dun explains Kritarchy as …

“Kritarchy as a form of government is based on equal justice for all, where justice is understood as adherence to the principles of natural law. Natural law is the body of principles underlying all spontaneous human social organization. Implicit in these principles are certain universal natural rights of individuals, notably property rights, including rights in one’s own person, and freedom of contract.”

While it might seem that the concept of Kritarchy lay behind the ITNJ, I find no evidence in any ITNJ documents supporting natural law contra positive law; vice versa it seems. To understand Kritarchy, I first recommend “Lawful and Legal” in which van Dun explains …

“The doctrines of legal positivism have provided the law schools with the comforting notion that law is to be found in the things lawyers know and practise. Consequently, to study these things, to familiarise oneself with them, to acquire the necessary skills to use and apply them in a wide range of real life (or: court) situations, should suffice as the proper aims of an education in the law. It is little wonder, that the “education in the law” these schools provide resembles nothing so much as an initiation in the rites and customs of a particular profession, its dogmas, doctrines and prejudices, especially concerning the so-called “sources of law”: legislative, judicial and administrative rulings, treaties, and the main currents of opinion among the members of the profession. Positivism has rationalised the idea that “law” has its source in the decisions of designated political and professional authorities. By equating the lawful with the legal, it has helped to push the study and practice of law away from considerations of justice into a mere expertise in legality.”

Man is at the crossroads of his history. The legal system has failed abysmally. Rotten to the core, it cannot be repaired any more than fraud can be eliminated by amending it. Todays challenge is not simply to point at natural law and natural justice, as though they might magically manifest by their pronunciation, but to drill down to their core essence, understand, explain, and implement them. That information is available, but never to those who turn a blind eye, or refuse to research it.

My examination of this topic in Free by Nature, is replete with quotations from numerous sources concerning Natural law from the perspectives, of law, philosophy, and the nature of Man. Altogether  this information leads to an understanding of Kritarchy, fundamental to which is “individual rights,” no mention of which appeared in ITNJ documentation least so far as I found. (Please note that Kritarchy still advocates government, whereas I advocate “Rights Protection” in place thereof.)

Exactly as renewable energy is a “substitution,” not “efficient” energy technology, so natural law and natural justice are founded on individual rights in substitution of collective rights — as if such were possible, testified by the bloody wars of Mans history. To grasp that individual rights need protection, not governance, is to begin with the nature of man, not the nature of government, or legal systems.

I commend your stance, and look forward to the new age of freedom and natural justice.

Sincerely, for natural law and freedom,

Ken Bartle

30 August 2015.

2 Comments on The Path to Natural Law and Natural Justice

  1. Where’s my post?

  2. Thanks to Ken (or I suspect his father) for writing this eloquent response and certainly the books that inspired you. And to Rebecca, Sue, and their team for seeing through this fraud by Sasha Stone, John Walsh, Caleb Skinner, and others.

    It is my opinion that these folks were infiltrators working for the powers that want to be all along. We are guilty of trusting those we should have never trusted at all.

    I read somewhere that Sasha being accused to being just such a being, responded in so many words, How could a rock musician be working for the PTW, as if the concept was just ridiculous.

    Well, just about the entire music scene of the 1960s onward was made of by former army brats musicians of high ranking military personel. In fact Jim Morrison, was son of the Admiral George Stephen Morrison, in charge the Naval fleet in the Culf of Tonkin, a false flag attack to force us into the War in Vietnam.

    This army brat thing is true of just about any very popular musician during the 1960s. It was an intelligence operation to move the very informed anti-war people into drugs and rock and roll.

    So Sasha, just know people are waking up. And deceit is not what most of us care put up with.

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