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The Ripping Point – Why the ITNJ is DEAD ON ARRIVAL less than two months after the Inaugural Event

By Rebecca Cope, Founding Director, ITNJ

Sacha Stone called Missouri “The Ripping Point.”  Indeed, for the American Team, it was the point of no return.  We learned that Sacha, and by extension, Caleb Skinner and Sir John Walsh, had a very different agenda for the ITNJ and that none of them had bothered to tell us about it.

The intense period of discovery began July 6 – 10, 2015, with the American Team convened in Missouri and via Zoom Conference to host a Strategic Planning Session with Noel Berge, mastermind of the Logical Framework Method.  Our goal was to make sure we had all the Foundation Documents for the ITNJ secure, and that we had a detailed map and timeline to get an informed Grand Jury in place, hold Moot Court, and get ready for the first case of the ITNJ toward the end of 2015.

It was the same plan we had been moving steadily forward for more than a year. We fully intended to keep the power in the hands of the people.

Our plan unfolded nicely.  We had defined clear boundaries, set out a strategic path, and had a committed team ready to see that the work got done.

You can see our enthusiasm and our commitment.  Steve Herr and I recorded the PowWow call with Sacha Stone on July 11, 2015.  Sue Rhoades and I taped a video newsletter on July 19, 2015, to release on the ITNJ website.

Two days later, our plan lay in ruins.

It was the Strategic Plan set out in front of Sacha Stone, Caleb Skinner, and John Walsh and Team on July 21, 2015 that revealed the hidden agendas of the others.  Caleb Skinner was supposed to be working on the case management software.  At that meeting, it became clear his influence had shifted the entire framework of the ITNJ.  Walsh revealed his true attitude toward the Grand Jury Model and his own intent to hold the first case immediately.  The Grand Jury could be drafted from the Telephone Book, as per Walsh, should he ever need one.

The American Team had steadfastly maintained that the CINPIDD Grand Jury Model was the cornerstone of the Tribunal, the people’s role to restore the checks and balances eroded through the BAR Association.  It was our answer to counter-balance Judges with too much control over the Tribunal.

For several weeks prior to the Inaugural, we had had disagreements over both the Constitution and the Practice Directions.  We had not been able to complete several tasks because of the rigid deadline of June 15, 2015, decided upon by Walsh and Stone.  Now we began to understand why.

Communications between the American Team and the other teams broke down completely following the July 21, 2015 meeting.

It was Sacha Stone’s anger and over-reaction toward the American team that completed the breakdown.  Instead of answering our concerns, which were communicated clearly over the following week, or setting up a logical framework to resolve the differences, he instead executed a desperate power grab to take over the reins of the ITNJ.

He appeared to be using UCC Contract Law to serve a 72-hour notice on the American Team, and Rebecca Cope in particular.  The team caught on to what he was doing.  Rebecca Cope sent an email to Sacha to request a meeting to resolve the difference so that the ITNJ could get back on track.

The next day, the team received a “Board Directive” from the only two Trustees that had been confirmed prior to the Inaugural Event, two chosen specifically by Sacha Stone.  The Constitution calls for five Trustees, plus two Emeritus Trustees, Rebecca Cope and Sacha Stone.

Sacha took it upon himself to make an unlawful and illegal power grab, by attempting to set up a Board that was NOT constitutionally configured to instigate a move to force Rebecca Cope from any position of oversight with the ITNJ.

That was the final straw for the American Team.  It became undeniable that a hidden agenda was in operation in regards to the ITNJ.

Rebecca Cope issued a rebuttal to the directive that left the ITNJ in limbo.  It was impossible to go forward with or without her, in any lawful manner since there were too many issues on the table that had not been resolved by the teams prior to the Inaugural event, and uncovered as a result of the Strategic Planning session.

Issues clearly communicated to the other teams included the following points:

The Grand Jury Model for the ITNJ must remain outside the control of the Judge and the Prosecutor.  This has not been done.  The Grand Jury is covered in the Practice Directions, and not to our satisfaction.
There remains a grave danger that Judges and the Bar Association can put a strangle-hold upon the ITNJ.
There is no provision for the office of the PAG.
It is prudent to make sure that qualified people do NOT have to be “recognized” by some lawyers guild or “accredited school.”  That has not been sufficiently addressed within the Constitution.
The American Team does not wish to see Judges appointed for life.  They should serve the same term as Board of Trustees, three years, with one additional term before being retired.
As it now stands, a Judge can determine admissible evidence “in accordance with recognized legal and equitable principles.”  We do not agree with this provision.
It was our intent to insure that the ITNJ would restore the Rule of Law, not hand it over to the Judges and BAR so they could continue business as usual.   Sue Rhoades covers our concerns with those issues with specificity HERE.

In my opinion, the ITNJ has been compromised. Therefore, I find it necessary, and prudent, to rescind all signatures from any documents that bear the NEN handiwork, specifically, the New Earth Peace Treaty, and the ITNJ Treaty, and any signatures placed upon any documents in good faith as Co-Founder of the ITNJ Initiative. I no longer wish to be associated with the ITNJ in any way.

Further, I hereby absolve both myself as Co-Founder, and those volunteers who worked with me, all of us with pure intent, from any liability or responsibility for any actions taken by those who have attempted to take control of the ITNJ for their own ends.  I declare on my honor that the American Team had no control over any of the funds received for the crowd-funding campaign, we had no control over any monies that have been disbursed, and that we did raise issues about security and bank boundaries that were unclear because we had no access to that information.

At the time it was held, we, the American Team, did believe the Inaugural Event was legitimate.  Sacha Stone and his team put together an event that required substantial funding.  We believe that the funding was used for that purpose.  We had all worked with unstoppable dedication to complete the various websites, the crowdfunding campaign, and the Constitution.  The impossible, immovable deadlines were set by both Sir John Walsh of Brannagh and Sacha Stone, and not by the American Team.

The fact that there was insufficient time to complete both the Constitution and Board Appointments to the satisfaction of the American Team has been our salvation.  It now appears that there were ulterior motives and deceptive intent, and that the American Team was used as a respectable cover for those motives.  I do not consent to this action.

It has become clear that Sacha Stone had advanced knowledge of a possible role that Caleb Skinner played within the ITNJ.  His failure to disclose such knowledge, and the possible complicity of the legal team, makes any signature on the Constitution an act of deception of such nature that it calls into question the legitimacy of any transaction undertaken on June 15, 2015.

As my final official act as Co-Founder of the ITNJ Initiative, I declare the ITNJ disbanded and dissolved for the reasons so stated. Let the public record stand as my affidavit of the facts, on and for the record.

Please be aware that the American Team plans to continue with the educational series on THE SOURCE DOCUMENTS, the Grand Jury Initiative, the AIS Shows, and other plans we set into motion via our Strategic Planning Session in July, 2015.  It is clear that Natural Justice depends solely upon the people themselves understanding our true role in our own affairs.  To that end, we shall continue our outreach and our educational focus.

Rebecca Cope, Co-Founder, ITNJ Initiative,

April, 2014 – August, 2015

All Rights Reserved, Without Prejudice









  1. Having worked with Rebecca Cope and Sue Rhoades on the ITNJ development for over a year I concur with this statement.

    Steve Herr

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