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Taken at Lake Powell AZ September 28, 2015

Swimmers catch my eye, twenty or so, swimming out across Lake Powell faster than any kayak. They look like they are training for the Olympics. What a place to be as I sit at my desk aboard Traveling Shoes editing the Lake Norman footage we shot with Rod Class last year.

I can’t wait to share this material. I just finished a segment where Paul and Rod forgot they are on camera. The light bulbs are going off in Paul’s head. Paul is drawn deeper and deeper into the material, asking good questions, sifting through the information, making sure he’s getting it. Rod explains things, pulls up the right documents, patient and perceptive.

Rod has taken Paul through the Source Documents to show proves exactly how our country got taken over by a bunch of greedy international bankers and their Administrative Agents. There is quite a discussion around the $1.8 Million dollar figure on the screen as Rod shows how that figure was allotted through the Social Security Act of 1935, the stolen birthright put on our heads, and exactly what steps they took to create the funds off the people’s credit line. AFTER they confiscated all the gold and took steps to put all our property under their control as if we were “wards” or “war criminals.” Rod proves how easily they took the wealth of the people and put it under lock and key for their exclusive use.

Rod’s history lesson shows exactly how a scam of such mammoth proportions was pulled on Americans. He brings it home where it hurts – he ties it in to show us exactly how it is our individual credit line that these Agents are accessing and stealing, and how it directly affects us in our pocketbook and in our everyday affairs.

Paul’s reaction, as he really gets it, is priceless. ­­

It was the CRIS – Court Registry Investment System – and the CUSIP Numbers – and the vast amount of money involved that finally tied it all together for Paul. Paul’s eyes practically bug as he sees the numbers.

Rod: “This is what your Court Administrator does. They have a Gold Seal. Every court case that comes in – That’s why they bond your case. That’s why they want your signature. What I’m showing you here is some of the dollar amounts.”

Paul sits back. Rod has patiently walked him through step after step, how the system is set up with licenses and registrations, how it appears we “volunteer” to let the Administrative Agents treat us as “wards of the State” or worse, without asking questions. “They can’t squeeze my money out of me without all these procedures.”

Rod: “That’s exactly right. So now you’ve got the District Court. Now you see the Case Numbers.   Every one of these Case Numbers has a dollar value.”

Paul: “So it’s incentive for the cops to go write tickets. It’s incentive to put me in jail, put me in prison.”

Rod: “Yep.”

Paul: “It’s incentive to make my life a living hell because then they gain access to my account.” He pauses to let it all sink in. “They get to pull money out of my account – they get my signature – it goes to the Federal Reserve – they pull the money out of that account assigned to me – then it goes back out to the Courts.”

Rod: “Yeah – it goes right out into their system.”

Paul: “Wow.”

Rod: “See these numbers? How they have been duplicated on case numbers? They’re not securitizing one time. They’re securitizing multiple times.”

Paul: “Over and over again. So, like my traffic ticket, let’s say it is $300 – Plea Guilty – Bang.”

Rod: “You’re paying $300 in Federal Reserve Notes – a promise to pay ……..”

Paul: “I’ve got to pull $300 out of my pocket, then they get into my account, they pull $300 –“ Rod interrupts and Paul looks stunned – “No?”

Rod: “They go out here and put a price tag on the case number.”

Paul – looking at where Rod is pointing – “What?!? Like $50,000???”

Rod: “You’re worth…..

Paul: “For that one ticket???”

Rod: “Could be…..”

Paul: “It could be worth $50,000?” “Plus Interest???”

Rod: “We have pulled up a criminal charge for 6 months that is worth a half a million dollars for somebody sitting in jail.”

Paul: “Half a million dollars???”

Rod: “Half a million dollars. That’s what you’re worth.”

Paul: “Whew – so if I was wrongly accused I should get the $50,000 – or $500.000 back!” With sudden comprehension: “This is why they want to make sure everybody is a criminal in this country.”

Rod: “That’s exactly right. And that’s why there never is a victim, an injured party, in a courtroom.”

Paul: “Because criminals have no rights. ……. They decided – it says in the Constitution that you give up your rights if you are a convicted criminal.”

Rod: “If you are an Enemy of the State, what are you?” Rod has walked Paul through the exact procedures HOW the people became classified as “Enemy of the State” – ALL the people – not just somebody facing a court situation.

Paul: “Obviously, I’m a ward of the State – or a Prisoner of War!”

Rod: “And what rights do you have as a ward or as a War Criminal?”

Paul: “Prisoner of War – I have no rights.”

Rod: “What does that do to your account?”

Paul: “It opens it up to them to just bleed off as much as they want because I have no rights – and the money goes obviously” he pauses in shock, “They’re happy as punch to give me a ticket or throw me in prison and throw away the key.”

Rod: “Yep. That’s why we’re sitting here showing you all this. This is where the fraud is happening. This thing goes on and on. It has all kinds of price tags on it.”

Paul: “This is incredible – This is like – WHOA! I was just involved in a simple traffic ticket last week. I questioned the policeman. I said “How many tickets do you write a month?” Reluctantly, he said 3 to 400. I asked how many of those do you collect upon. He said 80%. And now I find out that each one of those tickets is not only from the person paying a fine, now they’re securitizing those things for multi-hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Rod: “Thing of it is, police officers really don’t know about this side of the law I’ve just explained to you. I don’t think a lot of them do. This goes back to the Judges and Lawyers. This is part of their retirement program.”

Paul: “Ohhhh – like this goes overseas into a retirement account somewhere?”

Rod: “Yep – what Dwight and I did, we walked into the County Courthouse and asked them, in the New Philadelphia case, we asked them for their financial records. We asked for their pie chart. They pulled it out and showed us that the Judge gets 15% of the fines and court costs, the prosecutor and the bailiff each get 10%. That doesn’t include these CRIS accounts. That’s off-books.”

Paul just starts laughing as if he can’t help it.   “They’ve got a closed system.”

Rod: “Yes they do. This is why they don’t want Pro-Se Litigants walking in and going head to head with them.”

Paul: “This blows my mind. This just blows my mind.” Then he looks over at Rod: “Thank you very much. Fortunately, there are guys out there like you who are doing this work. It needs to be done.”

Rod laughs this time: “How much of this did you really understand until now?”

Paul: “Well, I’ve heard it. It just didn’t click. It didn’t click how deep the rabbit hole went.” Rod laughs in appreciation. “Then you see it in black and white. You see the CRIS Accounts – you see the multi-thousands of dollars…….”

Watching this interview, you understand why Rod Class does what he does. You understand why our team is determined to finish what we started, to make it available to the doubting Thomases, the new law students, the Progressives and Conservatives, the Baptists and Catholics, policemen and the local bankers.

Because we’re all betting on Americans. We’ve been lied to so often that we believe the lies. We believe, strongly, in “government of, by, and for the people.” We believe in God, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence.

When we get it, really get it, like Paul did, that’s when things will change. This information forces us to face the truth. We can learn from the past, and take steps to change our future. If we really want “Government of, by, and for the people” we will do whatever it takes to get rid of the corrupt Administrative Agencies owned by a private banking cartel. We will put them out of business. We will get rid of the BAR Association. We will not be swayed by false prophets nor politicians.   We will have a full understanding of how we got where we are and what we need to do to change it.

This should alert you that we are working daily to finish what we started. Rod and Steve are putting together detailed outlines to teach Administrative Process – and oh, my, is it good! Rod has pulled it down to the basics. Steve is organizing the material so everybody can follow it. This will set up the PAG Training so that we can have our 1000 and more trained to help us do this job right.

Sue is setting up the Webinars, and I’m working on the Source Documents as the foundation course, the place to start. Once you really get it, like Paul did, you will become as tenacious as Rod and our team. Because you know what’s at stake.

We have volunteers transcribing and tackling other tasks to get this material ready to release. We could REALLY use some help on finishing up the websites and putting together lead pages, mailing lists and responders. If that’s your skill set, and you have time to volunteer, get in touch with Rebecca at, or, or

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