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There’s Nothing Going On

Happy Friday!

The sun’s going a little crazy these days …

CNN “accidentally” blurts out that ISIS and the USA are working together.

Oh, and there’s water on Mars!

… and guess who wants first dibs?



We’ve got some news!

In addition to the AIS show, we are also a part of Naturally Better TV’s broadcast lineup to bring all new shows on sovereignty and natural law, creating the world we want to live in, and interviews with people who are making a difference to an even larger audience.  Dr. Jeremy and India, thank you for having us!



We have also joined with Global Sovereign Alliance, an international group of innovators in new paradigm living.  Free energy — permaculture — education — construction/affordable housing — doing business — sovereignty and self-governance — from experts in their fields from all around the world.  These are exciting times as we connect with people who are ready, willing, and able to create a living example of a community living in sovereignty, abundance, and peace!

The facebook page is up, while the website is still under construction (please bookmark for later).  Come give us a Like on facebook and see what it’s all about!




We so wish we didn’t have to fight a system of “justice,” (ahem …) but we often do.  It is predatory in nature, owned and operated by profit-hungry special interests and run by order-taking enforcers who refuse to see the Big Picture.  There is help, and we intend to offer it whenever we find it.

  • Rod Class webinars!  Administrative Remedy and Private Attorney General / Bounty Hunter:  Approximately 8 to 12 hours of Rod walking us through holding the court system and its agents accountable for their actions by using their own language, and following their own rules.  An introductory show is being recorded and will be posted very soon.
  • Carl Weston webinar on Title 42.  Carl knows Title 42 inside and out!  You’ll learn exactly when and how you can use this effective method of accountability to your advantage.
  • Dr. Christina Winsey and Rene Powers will give us tools we can use to overcome the trauma we often experience when sane people are forced to protect themselves from an insane system of “law” and “governance.”
  • Source Document Ebook Series.  Part One of this massive project is almost complete.  Many people don’t understand the importance of the Source Documents but consider this:  A reference book of every piece of legislation (with clear and easy-to-understand explanation) that was not only omitted from our education structure, but created in secrecy so as not to alert the American people so they could give their consent to its contents.  This was deliberately done so as to create an oligarchic system of domination and control they taught us to call “government.”  Imagine this information getting into our libraries, schools, and bookstores.  Imagine people being educated on how we got here, with the evidence to back it up for reference, so we never let it happen again.  The Source Documents series is all about the future.

All this and more coming in October /November / December.  There are a few of us doing a lot of work right now and to us it seems overwhelming, but it’s not really — because we know that as sovereign beings working with natural law, action is required to manifest thoughts, desires and imagination into reality.  And that’s another thing, we’ll be delving into natural law on future shows, too.

We are all about manifesting the reality we want to see, not just for us, but for everyone if they choose.  Thank you for hanging in there with us!

Oh … but really, nothing’s going on.  🙂




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