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We Do Not Consent

We don’t like to have to stop our own work to do these public notices, but this needed our immediate attention.  This article was posted on October 18 on the “New Earth Nation Law and Governance” website.

Introduction to the ITNJ’s New Earth Law Academy

The pretty “Natural Justice Academy” links to … a picture.  So where is this Natural Justice Academy?

Right here.  And it’s more than just a picture.  Here’s the point.

The Natural Justice Academy was at one time, by association, to be utilized as the educational arm of the ITNJ until the ITNJ BAR Association stepped in — and we stepped out.

Natural Justice Academy, LLC is a nonprofit entity duly registered to Jerry Cope, husband of Rebecca Cope of Adventures Into Sovereignty, its documentation published herewith, and its website located here.   A Whois search will show the website is also owned by Rebecca Cope.

whois nja

The Natural Justice Academy name and website are owned by Rebecca and/or Jerry Cope for purposes of education in true law, working in partnership with Adventures Into Sovereignty.

To all affiliated with New Earth Nation, Humanitad, and the ITNJ, please remove all reference to The Natural Justice Academy from your websites, publications, and social media.  If this is an error on your part, we accept your apology and thank you for your prompt right action. 

If you’re new to the concerns we have about working in any capacity with New Earth Nation/New Earth Trust/Humanitad/ITNJ and its BAR Association, please read this, from Humanitad’s website:

Humanitad › Network › MDG Network

MDG:  Millenium Development Goals

A ground-breaking integrated web platform, open to all, which is set to revolutionize civil society & the NGO community capabilities

A platform to connect individuals and organisations across the globe who are engaged, or interested in the Millennium Development Goals.

The first over-arching platform for unifying all networks and movements in 192 nations concerned with achieving the MDGs.

The long-term objective of such a platform is to provide:

  1. A unified system for like-minded people and enterprises to connect and collaborate.
  2. Mobile communication and collaboration on ideas and projects.
  3. Further integration of United Nations initiatives and programs.
  4. Exchanges of goods, services, knowledge and expertise.
  5. Funding of NGO and Charity projects through profit sharing of membership subscriptions.
  6. Allow payment in conventional and complementary currencies, and barter. Through an E-wallet module.

MDG Network Schematic Image

Good thing?  Or not so good thing?  We can only watch the next steps.  One thing is for certain, however.

We do not consent.




2 Comments on We Do Not Consent

  1. Although i canceled the ITNJ treaty and NEN membership on the 14 th of july this year, and i repeately asked to be removed from all their registers, i still get mail with: thank you for your vote.. and so on..the last mail i responded with:
    Would you be so kind and rebut these accusations ?
    and would Sacha be so kind to proof that he is NOT the grandson of sir Walter Adams..
    and therefor elite bloodline related ??
    this is their reaction:
    Thank you for making us aware of that Alma!! We’ll correct that right away! That should read Natural Law Academy and NOT Justice Academy! I have reported it and it is being corrected. thank you so much!!

    And as far as the other, “blood line business” I will report that as well!
    (I hope people don’t judge me based on any of my ancestors)! I don’t know if I have anyone “suspicious” in my back-ground.. Even though I believe we’re all related and connected. But the claims that Sacha has some evil bloodline is ludicrous, in my opinion! Do your own research! Look at the history of the man. The conspiracies are getting ridiculousness to say the least! What a shame, it is! The truth shall prevail! It always does!

    thanks Alma! Take care!!

    • Interesting that the focus was put on “bloodline” … I personally could care less what a person’s bloodline is, it’s what they DO that I observe. And what I observed within the ITNJ was nothing more than the BAR Association resurrecting itself under a new cover. Thank you for sharing your experience with them, Alma! 🙂

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