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Whoa! Look What’s Happening in W. Virginia!

This is a must-view video, brought to our attention today.  Check out what they’ve done in the court system — and what they’re revealing in clear language about not only corporations as government, but the EMBEDDED corporations within them.  And they’re showing you the evidence that proves it.

They are asking for assistance and we do suggest, as with everything — that you do your own research before coming to any conclusions.

3 Comments on Whoa! Look What’s Happening in W. Virginia!

  1. Thank you. I applaud you on this excellent research you have done. I am stuck for words but know that I am very impressed by this video and I beleive you will make history and are making the first steps in changing this awful lie we have all been living and with luck in our life time, may we as individuals be soverign beings living authentic true community based lives with out governments and religions leading us down dark paths and feeding us lies upon lies upon lies.. Love to you all and to this hudok project.. L.E.

  2. Your Driver License contract, gives them the power of attorney to enter a plea on your behalf. Get a Passport, put in zero’s where the social goes, on box for permanent address put 50 states of the union, put a note on there saying you are not claiming to be a US CITIZEN. Get on and learn how to get the passport for ID. They try to say anything to stop you from submitting a passport application like this, but you are a National. The form even mentions the two in the signature box area.

  3. Why are you filing a mere Complaint? That is what the fiction attorney “agent” does?
    Create a “CLAIM” instead. The UNITED STATES INC. does not follow the US Constitution, because its a foreign state in Washington D.C. undere its own government and policy Codes and Statutes. The own DC, Guam, Virgin Island etc. Get the application for passport at Post Office and read carefully, the section where you sign. Are you a US CITIZEN or a US National? US CITIZENS have no rights, but US Nationals do have rights. So cancel your Voter Registration, because it binds you in contract to the US INC. Federal-Voting
    All these court cases are “Probate” actions, by the Ordinary “Catholic Church”. Some think these Corp. States are Corporation Soles, of Catholic Church. The UNITED STATE INC. is registered as a religious organization, in the Secretary of State Delaware. Look up the SOS DELAWARE.
    Check out Your all caps NAME is a Foreign Decedent Estate. This, because people need to “CLAIM” their property.
    The Divine Proportion Claim (2 pages) plus an affidavit and birth certificates authenticated all together. Record all this and you are now recognized as the living man. Right now they have you in a DECEDENT ESTATE, and this is why they invite you to their courts by SUMMONS (for the dead), to their PROBATE COURT, where you come in and they ask your name, address, birth date, stick the liability of the case upon you and the case is over and you go to jail or pay the fine. Don’t answer to the NAME, say I, man, am private. Hopefully get your claim done first and learn how to stop them.

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