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Yes, We’re Still Here

We very much appreciate your kind words and emails asking if all is well.  We continue to work towards a learning experience like no other for those of you who are caught in the spider web of the corporate court system, and those of you who want to learn how to help yourself and others.

As rather insane world events swirl around us, such as the crash of the Venezuelan and Brazilian economies that aren’t being reported in the US corporate media, the circus the media calls the 2016 presidential race, the subtle and not-so-subtle hints that the federal reserve note is about to crash for good, the engineering of “disasters” that the corporate media calls “natural” in order to keep the price of oil (and their funny-money Federal Reserve Note) propped up, and the near-death of the hope of financial relief (for those who continue to hope for it) in the form of the revaluation of certain world currencies, the AIS team continues to work towards a system of teaching people how to help themselves when they’ve been sucked into the clutches of a corporate system which continues to pride itself on being “fair” and “just.”  They call it the judicial system.  We call it crimes against humanity. 

And we have real solutions for you.

It’s time for accountability.  It’s time that those people who work for no one but themselves and their masters stop the charade.  It’s time for those who work in the system and turn a blind eye, and those who are clueless about what’s going on around them, to open their eyes.  Their arrogant and self-centered employers refuse to leave their posts in honor, or change their ways because they know they’ve been deceiving the people and while they all know their time is up, many of us in 2016 have finally come to realize that it truly is up to us to create the change we wish to see in this world.

We see common law groups, grand juries, and people gathering to discuss real solutions all over this country;  the rise of good, honest and intelligent people who know there is a government for the people, by the people lying beside the Beast, and we believe we are here to do our part:  expose the current system for what it truly is, in the hopes we can show those who are still unaware of the fraud and corruption that there is good reason for these common law groups to exist and why they aren’t going away.  No, they’re not “domestic terrorists.”  Far from it.  They are good people who’ve done their research and taken it upon themselves to pave the way towards occupying the vacant seats of our organic form of government that is, thankfully, still alive, slowly being awakened from its own deep sleep.

The webinars featuring Rod Class are almost here.  Rod’s been in court helping people with their court cases the last few months, taking much of his time.  Rod’s court cases are documented proof positive that not only can you become the plaintiff rather than the defendant in a blink of an eye, you can expose the culprits by watching them toss the can down the road.  Each toss of the can exposes the next guy … but you’ll learn all that and more by attending these webinars.  This process works with any — and we mean ANY — case, from simple traffic tickets and code “violations” to “criminal” charges and foreclosures.

Think about becoming a Private Attorney General and Bounty Hunter and what you can do with that status.  There’s no better way to create positive change while making a good living at the same time!  The power of the people never left the government — and we’ll prove it to you.

Enjoy the videos, and please sign up for our newsletter to get the latest on the schedule, cost, and how to participate. 

Thank you for hanging in there while we tame this last beast …. !!








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